76 y.o. Sally Field was named ‘Ugly’ because of her Decision to Age Naturally. But She Enjoys Being a Grandma of 5.

Sally Field is a famous Hollywood actress whose career spans five decades. Field began her career as a teenager in the mid-sixties on television. She became famous for playing lead roles in several sitcoms such as Gidget and The Flying Nun.

It is known that the actress had a difficult childhood. Her parents separated in 1952, when the girl was only 6 years old. Then her mother remarried, and brought a new man into the house, who began to show a genuine interest in her stepdaughter. The man began to lure the little girl into his bedroom, who was unable to fight back because of fear. This went on for eight long years.

Therefore, the acting career became a means of salvation for the young girl. This is what led her to audition for the Columbia Pictures acting workshop.

The first serious role that attracted attention to Sally got her at the age of 18, but after it took more than one year before she was able to firmly establish herself in Hollywood.

The personal life of the actress was also formed quite difficult. For the first time she tied herself by the bonds of marriage with her schoolmate Stephen Craig, this event occurred in 1968. In this union two children were born, sons Peter and Eli. The couple lasted together for 7 years.

Then the Hollywood star had a bright novel, which was talked about by everyone around. The favorite became an actor Burt Reynolds, but to the official registration of relations, it did not come.

And in 1984, Field married producer Alan Greisman and gave birth to his son Samuel. The relationship seemed strong, but after 10 years the marriage did break up.

After this relationship, the actress stated that she had no intention of getting married again and she was enjoying life as it was. In her career at that time there was a decline and she spent all her time with her family: brother Richard, children and friends-colleagues from the movie industry, which included Tom Hanks.

Later in her career again began to rise, the actress was nominated for an Oscar for the role of Mary Todd Lincoln in the movie “Lincoln”, and also got a job on television.

As the actress got older, she made a decision for herself – to refuse plastic surgeries, take age changes for granted and age naturally. In a 2016 interview, she said: “I am an old woman. 70 is old age, and it’s normal.”

The actress honestly admitted that she also notices things that she really dislikes, like how her neck has aged and her whole face has “drooped” because of it. But at the same time, she recalls that there were women she thought were incredibly beautiful and they went under the knife and it changed her opinion of them dramatically.

“Of course I didn’t want to get old, but I didn’t like the results of plastic surgery on others either. So I got over it and decided to turn my attention to those who were aging very beautifully and with dignity. Ladies like Helen Hayes and Jessica Tandy, they have aged very gracefully and are still working on themselves.”

Despite her dignified demeanor and all the efforts, the actress has been hit on social media more than once. Someone even wrote such disgusting things as : “You are ugly”, “Not only your neck is sagging, but also your ass”, “There is nothing to be proud of, you are just a grandma”.

The actress is now 77 years old and already has five grandchildren growing up: Colin, Isabel, Ogden, Noah and Sophie. The actress admitted that she loves it. that she has so many grandchildren to play and have fun with.

“The three things I’m most proud of in my life are my sons. They are kind, loving and productive people. They each have their own list of talents and accomplishments” says the actress.

Do you like Sally Field? In which role do you remember her most?


76 y.o. Sally Field was named ‘Ugly’ because of her Decision to Age Naturally. But She Enjoys Being a Grandma of 5.
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