A scarf can mean many things

What is it about that woman that makes her seem so stylish? You probably won’t guess what about that woman, seem to project an air of confidence. Well, upon closer look, you now guess it right. That woman whom you always see while walking to your favorite café owns probably a dozen scarves which she mixes and matches with her simple wardrobe. In fact, it is just now that you notice that most of the dresses she wears are simple in the cut. It is her scarves that enhance her looks.

Add a beautiful flair

A scarf adds a beautiful flair to the clothes that you are wearing. Adding an appropriate scarf can be a way of enhancing your face. It highlights your face because the scarf seems to draw attention not only to your neck and shoulders but to your face and the other accessories you wear such as your earrings, pins, and necklaces. Strangely, they add texture to your overall look because wearing silk and cashmere can immediately connote sophistication. The different colors of your scarves can also brighten your face and even enhance your mood.

Usually, scarves have a more functional use rather than for highlighting your simple dress. When one goes to an air-conditioned place, the scarf is the answer to the unexpected chill that you experience as you stay long in that environment. It can a loyal companion that will keep you warm in a cold room. More than that, the mood-enhancing quality of a beautiful scarf can make your day, even if you have to wait for your late date.

Understated elegance

You can match the different colors of your scarves with the dress you are wearing. Try to look for scarves that will blend with your wardrobe. Don’t wear a very bulky scarf that covers your entire neck, because then you would look like you have no neck at all. If you look for a scarf that will blend well with most of your clothes, then you’ve got an interesting piece of wardrobe that will make you stand out in a crowd. Never get one that is too outlandish or one that steals attention to itself. It is always best to find one that exudes understated elegance.

Accessorizing your scarf

Accessorizing your scarf can also be a good idea because a jeweled brooch or pin can put your scarf in place even if you move around. In fact, you can tie your scarf in many ways, it will look appropriate on any occasion you go to. It can be the best ornament or accessory that you can add to your overall look when you feel that you are a plain Jane at a party or gathering. A scarf can come with many prints on it, and it would be wise to get those with small prints if you are contemplating getting printed ones. This is where a discriminating taste can come in handy. Your taste in wearing a tastefully chosen scarf can mean a big difference between power dressing or dressing shabbily.