A woman sends a list of rules to her wedding guests, leading to a wave of cancellations.

Each bride dreams of her wedding day being flawless. While certain elements, such as the dress, venue, and catering, are within her control, there’s always the unpredictable factor. Despite meticulous planning, there’s no guarantee everything will unfold seamlessly.

For this bride, meticulous planning was the key to executing her wedding day flawlessly. However, she quickly learns that not everyone shares her perspective on the matter.

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A bride-to-be turned to Reddit to seek advice on a dilemma she was pondering: was she being unreasonable? In the widely-read subreddit ‘AITAH’ (short for ‘Am I The Asshole’), she shared her predicament.

She explained that she and her fiancé had sent a set of guidelines to their wedding guests, only to be met with a flurry of cancellations.

Prefacing her post, she made it clear that her fiancé had played an equal part in crafting these rules and was fully supportive of them.

Then, she proceeded to detail each rule separately!

The couple aimed for an ‘unplugged ceremony,’ barring guests from having phones during both the ceremony and subsequent dinner unless there was a dire emergency.

While attendees grasped the no-phones policy during the ceremony, they felt it was excessive for dinner.

Some guests, particularly those leaving children at home, argued they needed phones to check on their kids. However, the bride stood firm, stating that making exceptions would set a precedent. She emphasized, “Checking on your kids isn’t an emergency. If something serious happens, you’ll be informed.”

Additionally, the couple enforced a strict color scheme and dress code, requiring guests to wear solely black, with women in dresses and men in tuxedos, no exceptions. This included her aunt, who, despite having moved on from her mourning attire, wasn’t exempt, despite expressing how wearing black now made her feel down.

Even her future sister-in-law, who dealt with body dysmorphia and preferred pants for comfort, wasn’t granted an exception.

Months prior, bridesmaids were instructed to maintain their weight to fit into ordered dresses, regardless of whether it meant eating less or more.

These rules sparked fury from the bride’s mother, who deemed the wedding doomed from the start. Bridesmaids threatened to withdraw, and guests began canceling last minute.

The maid of honor’s daughter, slated to be the flower girl, was now excluded from the role. The bride suggested leaving the flower girl with a babysitter at a hotel during the ceremony, but the maid of honor disagreed, opting to leave her daughter with her own mother since the wedding venue was a four-hour drive away.

Despite the bride’s preemptive explanation and caution, many still deemed the couple wholly unreasonable and labeled them as the ‘assholes.’

Numerous comments highlighted that while weddings could reflect the couple’s desires, guests weren’t obligated to adhere to their rules and had every right to decline attending.

In the end, Reddit largely agreed that the couple’s demands were unreasonable.

A woman sends a list of rules to her wedding guests, leading to a wave of cancellations.
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