As a child, She was Pushed Around for her Unusual Appearance. What she looks like today.

Every nation is characterized by certain features of appearance, and if a child is born unique, different from the parents, public opinion is sometimes cruel. The first thing people start attributing unflattering things to the child’s mother, condemning her for her dissolute lifestyle.

That was the case in the story of an Indian girl named Ganatra Pooja.

The child was born to Indian residents Rajesh and Hemaxi Puja. However, when the family saw the baby girl, everyone came to a bewilderment. The baby girl’s appearance was completely uncharacteristic for Indians: green-blue eyes, fair skin and fiery red hair.

As she grew up, contrary to the expectations of others, the girl retained her unusual features. And when in adolescence on her face began to appear spots, her parents were not on a joke frightened and sent her to the doctor. “Strange disease” turned out to be ordinary freckles, which are characteristic of many red-haired people. But for Pooja’s family, they became a real discovery.

Because of the unusual appearance of Ganatra not once faced with sarcastic comments, especially evil tongues liked to “pass” on the girl’s mother, which upset her very much.

Peers did not want to accept Ganatra in their games, and adults openly said that her mother did not keep loyalty to her father.

The girl’s father turned out to be a decent man and never once questioned the loyalty of his spouse. He also refused the offer of a DNA test, saying that he already knew that Ganatra was his daughter.

Parents have always and in everything supported the girl and helped her to cope with teenage complexes. Now the young Indian girl is 21 years old.

Ganatra is proud of her extraordinary appearance and does not understand why she used to worry about the opinion of other people.

What do you think, does the girl look like an Indian? Have you met people with atypical looks?

As a child, She was Pushed Around for her Unusual Appearance. What she looks like today.
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