At 80 y.o. Paul McCartney did a handstand to show that he is not “old and retired”. After 11 years together he and his wife are still happy and young.

Paul McCartney, the iconic Beatles musician, has reached the age of 80 and yet shows no signs of slowing down. His illustrious music career began in 1964 as the bassist and co-lead vocalist for The Beatles. Despite the band’s breakup, McCartney has remained relevant and continues to pursue his passion even in his 80th year.

Despite public assumptions that his age would lead him to retire, McCartney has strongly refuted these claims. In a recent radio interview with John Wilson, when questioned about the absence of a memoir from him, he stated that he was neither old nor retiring, implying that he still had a long way to go before considering documenting his life story on paper.

McCartney defied age stereotypes by performing at his “Got Back” concert at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford just two days before his 80th birthday, proving that age is just a number. He had a surprise for his fans, inviting Bruce Springsteen, a musician and E Street Band member, to join him on stage for an early birthday celebration.

The audience was thrilled and sang him a happy birthday, while McCartney expressed his appreciation for the special moment.

McCartney is not only famous for his contributions to keeping rock culture alive, but also for his sweet and humble character. He remained loyal to his wife, Linda, until her death in 1998, despite living in an era of free love. As a devoted father, he takes care of his four children – Mary, Stella, James, and Heather. The only time McCartney got into trouble was when he was arrested for possessing marijuana in Japan in 1990.

Despite his intimidating glasses, McCartney goes out of his way to make his fans feel comfortable when they approach him.

How He Stays Fit at 80

McCartney, at the age of 80, maintains a regular workout routine that includes cross-training, cardio, and weight lifting, but he particularly enjoys practicing yoga, which he learned about during a trip to India.

Although he is uncertain about the scientific evidence supporting eye exercises to enhance eyesight, he includes them in his workout regimen because they make sense to him.

In addition to his workout routine, McCartney is proud of his ability to perform a headstand, which he attributes to his consistent practice of yoga stretches. While he is not interested in displaying muscularity or impressing others at the gym, he has shared his headstand on Twitter, claiming that it keeps him youthful.


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McCartney maintains a vegetarian diet, which he adopted in 1975, and has found new and enjoyable ways to prepare his vegetables.

He acknowledges that vegetarianism had a negative reputation in the past, but he is pleased with his current diet and does not require the assistance of a personal trainer because he follows the exercises they recommend and eats healthily.

Quiet Life on a Farm with Wife of 11 Years

After McCartney lost his wife Linda to breast cancer in 1998, he met his second wife, Heather Mills, in 2000, and they married two years later. However, the marriage ended in a messy divorce in 2008.

The singer was lucky enough to find his forever love with his third wife, Nancy Shevell. They married in 2011, and the wedding was extra special because they tied the knot where McCartney and Linda wed.

The two have been married for 11 years and lead a quiet life in a small village of Sussex where McCartney raised his children. He once shared a picture with his wife to wish his fans a happy Thanksgiving, and people were shocked to see how young the 80-year-old looked next to his wife.

The singer might still have an active music career, but he prefers to live outside the limelight; he also chose a quiet farm life to give his children a normal upbringing.

Even though his kids are famous, he has continued to live on the Sussex farm. The village residents know that they have a former Beatles member as a neighbor, but McCartney still does the daily chores like walking the dogs and maintaining his farm freely.

McCartney grows rye, wheat, peas, and hemp on his estate. He also grows hop, which a local brewer uses to make a drink called ‘The Old Stinkhorn Ale.’ The singer also built a local recording studio on a mill in Icklesham.

McCartney has ensured that his farm has everything he needs. Even during the pandemic, he used it to isolate. But generally, he shows no signs of leaving Sussex. He enjoys the relationship he has built with the community, and it is a special place where he raised his family.

At 80 y.o. Paul McCartney did a handstand to show that he is not “old and retired”. After 11 years together he and his wife are still happy and young.
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