Brad Pitt’s reaction to his children dropping his surname has been revealed. He knows, why it happened.

Brad Pitt is reportedly devastated by his children dropping his surname, a move he believes is heavily influenced by his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie.

Recently, their 18-year-old daughter Shiloh filed to remove ‘Pitt’ from her surname, becoming Shiloh Jolie, coinciding with her reaching legal adulthood.

Shiloh is one of six children shared by Jolie and Pitt, but she isn’t alone in her strained relationship with her father. Fifteen-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt recently listed her name as Vivienne Jolie in the Playbill for “The Outsiders,” a show she helped produce with her mother.

Furthermore, 19-year-old Zahara, one of their three adopted children, reportedly goes by Zahara Jolie, and 22-year-old Maddox also doesn’t use ‘Pitt’ in his surname.

Pax, another of their children, criticized Pitt in a 2020 Instagram post that recently resurfaced, accusing him of making life “a constant hell” for those closest to him.

The breakdown in relations has deeply affected Brad, with a source stating, “Brad was devastated by this choice. To him, it was more than a change of name — it was a symbol of a deeper estrangement that has been brewing for years.”

Another source noted that Shiloh hired her own lawyer for the name change, emphasizing that it was her decision alone.

However, Brad strongly suspects that Angelina’s influence is a major factor in the estrangement from his kids.

“He feels that the negative narrative Angelina presents to the kids is a major obstacle in his efforts to reconnect,” the source claimed.

“With Angelina having daily influence over the children, Brad finds it nearly impossible to change their perceptions.”

Since their 2019 divorce, the former couple, once known as ‘Brangelina,’ have been embroiled in legal disputes and media controversies.

Most recently, in April, Jolie filed papers accusing Pitt of physical abuse, which he has denied, and they remain at odds over the sale of a French winery they purchased together.

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Brad Pitt’s reaction to his children dropping his surname has been revealed. He knows, why it happened.
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