Cher Recounts Her Last Visit to Tina Turner During the Singer’s ‘Prolonged Illness’ – Unveils Turner’s Final Revelations.

As a music enthusiast, it’s highly likely that you admire both Tina Turner and Cher. These iconic singers have had colossal careers, and their bond extends beyond the stage as they consistently support each other. Cher and Tina Turner share a profound and extraordinary connection.

In a poignant and heartwarming account, Cher opens up about her final encounter with Tina Turner before the legendary singer’s passing.

The details she unveils are both heartrending and uplifting. Dive in to discover more.

Following the passing of Tina Turner on Wednesday, Cher called in for an interview to pay tribute to her dear friend. During the conversation, she shared insights about her last visit to Turner while the renowned singer was bravely battling an illness.

Cher expressed her decision to prioritize their friendship, stating, “I made a choice to go and see her because I felt it was important to invest time in our friendship, ensuring that she knew we hadn’t forgotten her.” She further revealed, “We took turns visiting and spending time with her, which brought her joy.”

While the exact cause of Turner’s demise is yet to be officially disclosed, Cher mentioned that the singer had a dialysis machine in her home. Dialysis is typically administered to individuals with kidney failure or end-stage renal disease. Notably, Tina underwent a kidney transplant in 2017, receiving a kidney from her husband, Erwin Bach.

Cher shared heartfelt words about Turner’s prolonged battle with illness, saying, “She fought tirelessly against this sickness for an extended period, demonstrating the strength we all knew she possessed. However, in our conversations towards the end, she confided in me, ‘I’m truly ready. I no longer wish to endure this.'”

However, Cher emphasized that despite her condition, Turner remained remarkably joyful. Cher recounted her first visit to Turner’s home in Switzerland.

“She initially told me, ‘I can’t spend too much time,'” Cher recalled. “Yet, five hours later, we were laughing uncontrollably, and she wanted to showcase everything she had purchased for her house. She was truly enjoying herself, even though she was battling serious illness and trying to keep it under wraps.”

During Cher’s final visit, she received a heartfelt gift from Turner, leaving her not empty-handed. “The last time I saw her, she gave me a pair of shoes,” Cher revealed with a smile. “And what kind of shoes were they? Tina Turner shoes! Those fabulous high heels that she effortlessly walked around in as if they were nothing.”

Their paths crossed during Tina Turner’s tumultuous marriage to Ike Turner, a period marked by notorious abuse that lasted from 1962 to 1978.

Reflecting on their initial encounter, Cher remarked, “When I first met her, she was still with Ike. It was quite surreal to witness her transformation after leaving him. I was overjoyed because she exuded a newfound sense of freedom. You could see her taking a deep breath, embracing her new life like a gust of fresh air.”

According to Cher, their friendship deepened significantly after Tina’s departure from Ike. “We really became close once she left Ike, and that’s when we started spending quality time together,” Cher revealed, highlighting the pivotal turning point in their bond.

Cher fondly remembered her friend, praising her indomitable spirit that persisted until the very end. “She was an unstoppable force. Honestly, she confronted every challenge head-on… She never backed down. While she may not have emerged victorious in every battle, she fought tirelessly for what she believed in,” Cher acknowledged. Continuing with admiration, she added, “…She stands as one of the greatest artists of our generation, within the realm of rock and roll. There will never be another like her. No one else comes close to the person she was.”


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Cher, understandably devastated by the loss, expressed her deep sorrow and emphasized the exceptional bond she shared with Tina Turner. Describing their friendship, Cher remarked, “We were perfect friends for each other.” She further acknowledged how they provided strength to one another at different points in their lives, stating, “She gave me tremendous strength, and I gave her strength as well.”

Representatives for Tina Turner confirmed the news of the legendary singer’s peaceful passing in her sleep at her residence in Küsnacht, near Zurich, Switzerland. The statement was later posted on Turner’s official Instagram account to inform her devoted fans.

“We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Tina Turner. Through her music and her unwavering passion for life, she captivated millions of fans worldwide and inspired generations of aspiring artists,” the statement conveyed. “Today, we bid farewell to a cherished friend who leaves behind her extraordinary legacy: her music. Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family. Tina, you will be profoundly missed.”


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The news is undeniably heartbreaking. Tina Turner was a vocal icon for her generation and a trailblazer for women, particularly African American women, in the music industry. May she rest in peace.

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Cher Recounts Her Last Visit to Tina Turner During the Singer’s ‘Prolonged Illness’ – Unveils Turner’s Final Revelations.
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