Child teased for white hair at bith grows into a happy and healthy young person.

Many people delight in capturing newborn photos of their children and sharing them, and Patricia Williams was no different. She lovingly took photographs of her son. However, when it was time to share these pictures, she encountered an unexpected and unpleasant surprise.

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In 2012, Patricia welcomed her son Redd into the world. At birth, the little boy had striking white hair. It wasn’t until he reached two months old that Patricia began noticing unique traits in him.

Redd’s eyes would occasionally move side to side, prompting Patricia’s husband Dale to search online for an explanation. What they discovered shocked them both: this eye movement was a common symptom of albinism. Though unfamiliar with the term at first, Patricia soon recognized the telltale signs in her son: fair skin, white hair, and the characteristic eye movement.

Seeking confirmation, the couple consulted optometrists and genetic specialists, who confirmed the diagnosis: Redd had Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 1 (OCA1), a rare condition affecting only 1 in 17,000 people worldwide.

Reflecting on Redd’s birth, Patricia remembered the hospital staff’s initial excitement at the sight of her baby’s unique appearance—white hair and blue eyes.

At the time, she hadn’t thought much of it, as both she and her husband, as well as their firstborn son Gage, had blonde hair.

A month after bringing Redd home, Patricia noticed his hair was exceptionally white, sparkling in the sunlight. Even when she tried to shield his eyes, they continued to track without hesitation. His eyes, intensely blue, would even reflect red in certain lighting.

Initially, Patricia believed these characteristics might diminish over time. However, when her second son, Rockwell, was born in February 2018 with the same condition, she realized these traits were lifelong.

Unfortunately, shortly after Rockwell’s birth, malicious individuals on social media stole his newborn photos and turned them into hurtful memes.

Redd had previously endured bullying at school due to his appearance, prompting his older brother Gage to become fiercely protective. Despite their prior awareness of albinism, the family was unprepared for the callous use of their son’s images as memes.

Initially, Dale and Patricia attempted to contact everyone who shared the images, asking them to delete them. Eventually, they realized the futility of this task and decided to ignore the situation altogether.

They chose to become advocates to raise awareness about the condition, hoping to prevent children with albinism from being bullied for their differences. When professionals confirmed Redd’s albinism, Patricia felt deeply upset. She worried about how he would be treated in life and how their family dynamics might change, with concerns about his sun sensitivity and potential legal blindness.

Patricia noted that Rockwell garnered significant attention due to his distinctive appearance. She explained, “It’s very rare to see a baby with white hair, and Rockwell’s hair stands straight up, making him very noticeable.”

After photos of her son became a viral meme, Patricia gained many followers and began receiving questions about Redd’s appearance. This made her realize that people lacked awareness about albinism, often basing their knowledge on inaccurate portrayals in obscure films. Recognizing this gap, she saw an opportunity to educate and spread awareness about the condition.

Redd underwent eye surgery to correct his strabismus and transitioned from a specialized school for visually impaired children to a public school, which proved to be a positive decision for the family. They chose surgery over an eye patch to avoid drawing further attention to him. As Redd grew older, his friends gradually became less fixated on his differences.

Despite needing a hat, dark sunglasses, and sunscreen for outdoor activities, Redd could participate in everything other children did. Similarly, Rockwell thrived alongside his brother.

On April 28, 2023, Patricia shared a video of Rockwell during his school’s “Western Day,” where he received widespread love and admiration on social media, with many calling him “cute” and “adorable.”


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Patricia also clarified a common misconception about albinism, explaining that people with the condition typically have light blue eyes due to the lack of pigment, not red eyes.

Today, both boys are thriving and enjoying their lives to the fullest. The family’s journey has been inspirational, and their story continues to resonate with many.

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Child teased for white hair at bith grows into a happy and healthy young person.
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