Country music star Kelsea Ballerini, 30, shocks fans with “no pants” look at CMT Awards.

Ever heard the saying ‘less is more’? It’s a common adage, suggesting that simplicity often holds more value than complexity. But as with many sayings, there are exceptions, and sometimes, less is just… well, less.

This sentiment was put to the test at the recent CMT Awards, where country singer Kelsea Ballerini stirred up quite the storm with her wardrobe choices.

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Critics had a lot to say about a specific ensemble donned by country singer Kelsea Ballerini as she helmed the CMT Awards in Austin last Sunday, April 7.

It marked Ballerini’s fourth time hosting the event since 2021, but her first solo endeavor. Throughout the evening, she underwent a staggering nine wardrobe changes, a customary spectacle at music awards ceremonies.

While glitz, glam, and occasionally daring fashion choices are par for the course, some felt Ballerini crossed a line with a gold bodysuit that appeared to have nothing underneath.

Reports from PEOPLE revealed that Ballerini had prerecorded a revamped rendition of “Love Me Like You Mean It” a few days prior to the ceremony, clad in the infamous gold bodysuit and towering heels. Despite embracing the no-pants look during her performance, Ballerini later addressed online criticism.

Responding via TikTok, she brushed off comments like “You forgot your pants for your performance,” with a straightforward “Shut up. No I didn’t.”

Another critic supposedly inquired, “Where are your pants?” to which Ballerini gave a similar retort.

Her fans rallied behind her, praising her witty comebacks and lauding her impeccable style.

As the curtains closed on this year’s show, which saw a total of nine outfit changes, Ballerini announced it would be her final time hosting the event.

Reflecting on the evening, she shared with PEOPLE, “There’s something about this show, in particular, that feels like a summer party… That’s the energy that I want to bring on screen and into the room.”

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Country music star Kelsea Ballerini, 30, shocks fans with “no pants” look at CMT Awards.
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