Fans are turning heads at what Caitlyn Jenner’s children now call her following her transition.

Caitlyn Jenner rose to prominence as one of the standout athletes of the 1970s. Clinching a gold medal and smashing a world record at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, she catapulted into the limelight. Following her athletic career, she ventured into the entertainment industry.

However, Caitlyn’s journey took a courageous turn when she publicly embraced her transgender identity, undergoing hormone treatments for gender transition. Today, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for many.

Despite her transformation, Caitlyn grapples with the persistent presence of her former self, “old Bruce.” This complex duality adds depth to her story, encapsulating the essence of Caitlyn Jenner.

Caitlyn Jenner – early life

Caitlyn Jenner entered the world as William Bruce Jenner on October 28, 1949, in Mount Kisco, New York. Despite grappling with dyslexia in her youth, sports emerged as her sanctuary. Demonstrating remarkable talent across various disciplines, Caitlyn thrived in athletics from a young age.

Throughout her high school years, Jenner distinguished herself in football, basketball, and water skiing, yet it was track and field that ignited her true passion. Initially offered a football scholarship at Graceland College in Iowa, a knee injury redirected her path toward track and field.

Despite her athletic prowess, Caitlyn wrestled with her gender identity from an early age. Reflecting on her internal struggles, she yearned for the ease of self-acceptance observed in others.

Encouraged by her college track coach, L.D. Weldon, Caitlyn embarked on training for the Olympic decathlon—a grueling track and field event comprising ten disciplines. Recognizing her aptitude, Weldon guided her towards this formidable challenge.

In a meteoric rise, Caitlyn burst onto the scene in 1971 with a surprising victory at the Kansas Relays. By the following year, she secured a spot on the US Olympic team, ultimately finishing 10th in the decathlon at the Munich Olympics.

Olympic superstar

Recognizing her potential for greater achievements, Jenner embarked on an arduous training regimen, dedicating eight hours a day, every day, for the ensuing four years. By the time the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal arrived, Jenner was primed for success.

On July 30, 1976, at the age of 26, she clinched the Olympic decathlon title, setting a new world record with 8,618 points. Against the backdrop of a tumultuous period in American history, Jenner’s victory provided a beacon of hope amid national strife, earning her adulation as a larger-than-life American hero, symbolizing masculinity with her flowing mane reminiscent of a lion.

Despite the accolades and acclaim, Jenner grappled with internal turmoil. While celebrated as a paragon of masculinity, she struggled with her identity, feeling like a woman even in the pinnacle moment of receiving the gold medal.

Reflecting on that time, Jenner confessed to feeling lost and fearful, unaware of what the future held. She emphasized the validity of her identity as both a woman and a formidable athlete, asserting that femininity does not preclude strength.

Following her triumph at the Olympics, Jenner ascended to national prominence, inundated with endorsement deals and media opportunities, embodying the persona of Bruce Jenner, the celebrated athlete. Yet, behind the facade, Jenner felt disconnected from her true self.

In 1977, amidst the whirlwind of fame, Jenner was drafted by the Kansas City Kings in the seventh round of the NBA draft. Despite the adulation and applause, she grappled with a sense of emptiness, unable to authentically share her story beyond her athletic achievements.

“I walk off the stage, and I’d feel like a liar. And I would say, ‘F*ck, I can’t tell my story,” she recalled. “There’s so much more to me than those 48 hours in the stadium, and I can’t talk about it.’ It was frustrating. You get mad at yourself…. Little did they know I was totally empty inside. Totally empty inside.”

Seven years prior to her Olympic glory, Jenner had married her college sweetheart, Chrystie Scott, who steadfastly supported her pursuit of Olympic greatness while working as a flight attendant herself.

Caitlyn Jenner – marriage, wife, children

Their first child, Burt, entered the world in 1978, followed by their daughter Cassandra two years later. However, the couple had already parted ways by the time Chrystie was pregnant with Cassandra.

In a candid interview with ABC, Jenner revealed that Chrystie was likely the first person to be aware of her struggles with gender identity. Though she broached the topic cautiously at the time, Jenner acknowledged her inclination towards cross-dressing and other aspects of her identity, hoping they could navigate the challenges together.

“I didn’t go heavily into it back then,” Caitlyn explained. “I said ‘these are my issues. This is what I deal with.’ And they think I do a little cross dressing, I do a little of this, a little of that, you know, ‘it’s going to be fine, we’ll work all this stuff out.’”

With 1st wife Chrystie Scott

Despite grappling with gender identity privately, Jenner kept her inner turmoil concealed. In 1981, she tied the knot with Linda Thompson, with whom she welcomed sons Brody and Brandon Jenner. However, their marriage ended in divorce five years later, partly due to Jenner’s gender identity struggles.

Reflecting on their split, Jenner later disclosed the role her gender identity played in the dissolution of their marriage. Despite the separation, Thompson expressed unwavering support for Jenner’s journey, hoping that her transition would inspire compassion and acceptance in others.

Following her divorce from Linda, Jenner sought professional assistance to combat depression. Additionally, in the late 1980s, she commenced estrogen therapy, along with undergoing cosmetic procedures such as a nose job and electrolysis to address facial hair.

With 2nd wife – Linda Thompson

Stopped her transition

Furthermore, she had begun to develop breasts, intending to complete her transition before turning 40. However, Jenner halted the process just before her 39th birthday.

Caitlyn grappled with her identity during a time when society’s understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals and transitioning were not as advanced as they are today, which compounded her challenges, especially given her celebrity status.

Yet, Caitlyn Jenner exemplified bravery. She confided in her older sister Pam about her gender crisis, marking the first time a family member heard her truth. Nevertheless, some of her relatives struggled to comprehend her journey.

In 1991, she married Kris Jenner, a union that lasted until 2015. With Kris, Caitlyn welcomed her famous children, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

With 3d wife – Kris Jenner

Their marriage spanned nearly two decades and coincided with the family’s rise to fame through the reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” where Caitlyn also featured. Despite this exposure, Caitlyn continued to grapple with feelings of inauthenticity living as a man.

In 2013, Caitlyn and Kris separated. Shortly after, Caitlyn resumed her transition without informing her children, while also undergoing physical changes such as breast development, originally planned for completion before her 40th birthday. However, she ultimately halted the process at 39.

Still feel like Bruce lives inside her

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Jenner harbored concerns about her family’s reaction to her undisclosed plans.

“That night, I thought, ‘oh, it’s, like, over. Heart’s pounding… and I thought wouldn’t the easiest thing to be right now,” reminisced Caitlyn Jenner.

In 2014, Kris and Caitlyn finalized their divorce, prompting Caitlyn to share her transition journey with all her children. She received overwhelming support from each of them.

Presently, Caitlyn Jenner has fully embraced her transformed life, which starkly contrasts with her past. Though Kendall and Kylie occasionally still refer to her as “dad,” Caitlyn expressed no discomfort with this, despite any confusion.

“I know we had a talk a few years ago, and you were okay with us still calling you dad. How do you feel about that now?” Kylie inquired Caitlyn during a video on her YouTube channel.

Caitlyn Jenner – net worth

Caitlyn expressed, “It stands as one of my finest choices. This community can pose challenges, particularly regarding pronouns, with diverse opinions abound.”

“Yet, I’ve always felt the need to navigate it my way, aligning with what suits me best, while respecting others’ paths. While some may argue, ‘You’re the mother,’ I’m not. I’m the dad, always have been, and will remain so indefinitely.”

Despite over five years passing since Caitlyn’s transition, she maintains a belief that an essence of “Bruce” persists within her. Similar to pre-transition, she continues to engage in activities once favored by Bruce, such as car racing and flying planes.

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Caitlyn Jenner’s wealth at approximately $100 million.

Caitlyn Jenner epitomizes fearlessness and serves as a role model for many. Feel free to share this article with friends and family on Facebook!

Fans are turning heads at what Caitlyn Jenner’s children now call her following her transition.
This ’70s blonde bombshell still packs a punch on screen.