At the age of 66, Mother welcomed her first child. Now, let’s take a glimpse into their present-day life.

Becoming a parent is an unforgettable milestone that leaves an indelible mark on your life. On that day, a remarkable little person enters the world, relying on you for their well-being. Your responsibility becomes nurturing an environment that enables them to pursue their dreams and flourish.

In 2005, Adriana Iliescu captured global attention when she embraced motherhood at the age of 66, becoming a mother for the first time.

At the moment of their birth, some children are destined to be immortalized in the annals of history.

This very occurrence transpired when Eliza Iliescu came into the world in Romania in 2005. Thanks to her mother, this young girl became a figure of historical significance.

Adriana Iliescu, then 66 years old, achieved the title of the world’s oldest mother, garnering widespread attention for her extraordinary feat. Consequently, the birth of Eliza secured Adriana a coveted place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

In 2010, Adriana opened up about her journey through motherhood, addressing the criticisms she had faced due to her age. Despite the negativity surrounding her, she expressed her sentiments candidly, stating, “While the mirror may be unkind to women, in terms of my energy, I feel as vibrant as a young woman. I feel like I’m 27, and even when I experience moments of weariness, I feel like I’m 37. My health surpasses that of women more than half my age.”

Adriana further addressed the misguided humor directed towards her, remarking, “People may find it amusing to call me ‘granny,’ but my decision to have Eliza was not driven by a desire to appear younger. I never perceive myself through the lens of my years.”

In her interview with the British tabloid, Adriana, who was then 71 years old, shared her intentions of expanding her family.

“From a medical standpoint, it’s feasible,” she revealed. “I’m aware of ongoing trials involving a 70-year-old woman in England, so it’s certainly possible. I am in good health and believe that having another child in the future could be achievable. However, I’m not in a hurry at this moment.”

Over the years, Adriana and Eliza have developed a strong and nurturing bond, akin to that of any mother and daughter. Eliza, a vibrant, humorous, and exceedingly joyful child, brings immense happiness to their lives.

Despite the varied opinions regarding Adriana’s age, the elder mother asserts her competence as a parent and devotes herself entirely to Eliza’s well-being.

“I neither smoke nor drink. If I live as long as my parents did, Eliza will be 20 years old when I pass away. I genuinely believe I still have much to offer her,” Adriana affirms.

Adriana’s journey into motherhood at a later stage in life was not a matter of choice. During her youth and early marriage, she encountered a heartbreaking circumstance when she was compelled to terminate her pregnancy due to medical reasons. At the age of 24, her husband abandoned her, further adding to her challenges.

Following these adversities, Adriana shifted her focus towards other aspects of life, including her career as a university teacher in Romania.

“At that time, I couldn’t even contemplate having a child, as I was fully immersed in my work,” she recounted. However, after completing her doctorate at the age of 37, Adriana felt prepared to embrace motherhood. Unfortunately, in those days, in-vitro fertilization (IVF) was not yet available.

It was when Adriana reached the age of 57 that IVF became accessible in Romania. She pursued the treatment, but her initial pregnancy in 2000 ended in disappointment.

Upon learning about Adriana’s determination to become a mother, some individuals turned their backs on her, deeming her aspirations as immoral. However, Adriana never allowed these judgments to dampen her spirit. Her unwavering hope and determination to fulfill her dream of motherhood remained steadfast.

Seeking medical assistance, Adriana sought the expertise of Dr. Bogdan Marinescu in Bucharest, a pivotal step that eventually led to the birth of Eliza. Remarkably, Adriana conceived triplets initially, but tragically, two of the babies did not survive in the womb, leaving Eliza as the sole survivor. However, due to her premature birth, Eliza required an extended stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to ensure her well-being.

As time went on, Eliza blossomed into a resilient young girl. Being deeply rooted in her religious beliefs, Adriana harbored a strong desire to have her daughter baptized. Regrettably, certain religious organizations held reservations about Adriana becoming a mother at such an advanced age. During Eliza’s baptism, Adriana encountered disapproving glances from the nuns, with one even labeling her as “the product of dark force.”

Adriana herself claims that Eliza is a gift from God.

Adriana Iliescu today

In 2022, it has been 17 years since Adriana embraced motherhood for the first time, and she and Eliza share delightful moments together, despite the common misconception that Adriana is Eliza’s grandmother. However, the seasoned mother remains vibrant both in body and mind, as her love knows no bounds, which is vital for nurturing a child.

At the age of 83, Adriana continues to dedicate herself to writing, having authored more than 25 children’s books. She affirms her good health and remains active as a part-time lecturer in Bucharest, even though her appearance may suggest that of a great-grandmother.

Adriana has also taken measures to secure a bright future for Eliza. When she underwent IVF, she made an arrangement with the doctor, designating him as the godfather and legal guardian of her daughter should anything happen to her.

While Adriana prefers to keep her family life private for now, we do know that 17-year-old Eliza aspires to pursue higher education and attend college. Described as an award-winning student, Eliza follows in her mother’s academic footsteps, demonstrating her dedication and passion for learning.

It appears that Adriana’s commitment and care surpass the expectations placed on individuals much younger than her. She wholeheartedly devotes herself to her child, free from distractions, resulting in a joyful and well-rounded daughter who radiates a beautiful spirit.

At the age of 66, Mother welcomed her first child. Now, let’s take a glimpse into their present-day life.
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