Harry admitted he was ‘terrified’ about his relationship with Meghan: “It was awful..”.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been married for over six years, and although it’s impossible to cover all the events since their wedding in this short space, it is clear that they have consistently been in the limelight.

Less than two years after their marriage, the couple stepped back from royal duties. Since they started their relationship in 2016, the Sussexes have earned significant income by sharing their experiences within the royal framework, often making startling accusations against other members of the Royal Family.

For instance, Meghan revealed during the widely watched Oprah interview that there were discussions within the royal circles about the possible skin color of their son, Archie, before his birth. This claim of racial prejudice was among the most startling disclosures made in the interview.

Moreover, since their relationship began, Prince Harry perceived that the British tabloids had targeted his then-girlfriend with racist commentary. The Duke was deeply concerned about this treatment, fearing it might drive Meghan away, a sentiment echoed by some royal commentators.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first connected during a candid one-hour date in London in 2016. Soon after, they began a committed relationship and married in 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor. At that time, many envisioned them as future pillars of the Royal Family, though events would prove otherwise.

From the outset, their relationship was shrouded in secrecy; even King Charles was initially unaware they were dating. Although their tenure in royal life lasted only until 2020, those four years were marked by significant challenges. Despite the perceived opulence of royal existence, Meghan, in particular, struggled with fitting in and managing intense media scrutiny.

Like Camilla Parker Bowles and Kate Middleton before her, Meghan’s entrance into Harry’s life prompted frenzied tabloid coverage, eager to dissect every part of her background. Unique to Meghan’s situation, however, was the racist commentary she endured. In response, in November 2016, Prince Harry issued a statement confirming their relationship and condemning the racial abuse directed at Meghan.

Prince Harry was “terrified” that Meghan would leave him, royal expert claims

Kensington Palace’s communications secretary, Jason Knauf, who also represented Harry, William, and Kate, issued an unusual statement in defense of Meghan Markle.

“The wave of abuse and harassment Meghan has faced is undeniable,” the statement declared. “This includes blatantly biased headlines on the front pages, subtle racial biases in commentary, and the explicit sexism and racism from social media trolls and comments on web articles.”

Harry discussed the situation in his book, Spare, emphasizing his decisive action to protect Meghan.

“I showed Jason the draft, insisting on an immediate response—no more debates or discussions,” Harry wrote. “Within a day, we prepared a strong, precise, and forthright draft. I knew it wasn’t going to solve everything, but it might mark the start of change.”

This proactive approach, however, did not sit well with other royals. Harry recounted how the statement upset King Charles and Prince William.

“The statement sparked further backlash from my own family,” Harry revealed. “Charles and William were incensed, accusing me of making them look negligent because they had never issued such statements for their partners. Nevertheless, we pressed on, crafting a statement that was strong, precise, angry, and honest, all within a day.”

The statement was officially removed from the royal website, and the reasons remain unclear. However, royal commentator Angela Levin recently revealed insights on the “very angry” letter that Prince Harry had sent to the media, motivated by his fear that Meghan might leave him.

In an interview with GB News, Levin explained, “The royal website once featured a 2016 entry about Harry’s furious letter to the press, defending Meghan against racism and media intrusion. That was around the time they first met.”

Levin also shared details from a conversation with one of Harry’s aides, who warned her to tread lightly during her interactions with the Prince. “The aide told me, ‘Be extremely careful—Harry just wrote this letter and he’s terrified Meghan might leave him. Step wrong, and he might have you removed,'” she recounted.

“This reflects the depth of his feelings; from Harry’s perspective, it was love at first sight. Now, he’s upset that the letter has been removed because he believed it was an important stand against the press. Yet, it seems the royal family wants to move on and distance themselves from the situation involving Harry and Meghan,” Levin added.


In 2020, Harry and Meghan stepped away from royal duties, leaving the UK with their son, Archie, and Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, on a flight Harry called the “freedom flight.” Following their departure, the couple made headlines with their candid Oprah Winfrey interview, their Netflix series, and Harry’s revealing book, Spare, which provided deeper insights into their experiences with royal life. These revelations have reportedly angered the Royal Family, and currently, Prince William is said to be avoiding any contact with his younger brother.

The Sussexes have generated substantial income through various business endeavors, and speaking with The Sun, royal expert Ingrid Seward remarked that Harry’s life could be deemed a “success” based on his financial achievements.

However, she noted, “As a person, he has not been as successful.”

“As a husband and father, he has excelled. And as they celebrate their six-year anniversary today, they have every reason to feel proud,” Seward explained to The Sun earlier in May.

“Despite predictions to the contrary, their marriage has endured! Harry may no longer be celebrated in his homeland as he once was, often receiving pity instead. Yet, he seems content in his secluded life with Meghan, engaged in their joint activities. Hopefully, their happiness continues,” she added.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliam also weighed in, observing that Harry and Meghan appear “very well matched” from an external viewpoint.

Harry and Meghan’s Nigeria trip left royals “furious”

Harry and Meghan are known for their propensity to surprise, which can often lead to mixed reactions, as royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam noted. “From what I can tell, the optics of their marriage are solid. They appear to be very well matched, and whether that’s seen positively or not really depends on one’s perspective of them. They certainly have their supporters and have been involved in various initiatives, including Meghan’s launch of American Riviera Orchard,” he said.

Fitzwilliam continued, “Meghan is also working on a program for Netflix and Cochrane Entertainment, among other projects. Harry has been focusing on his series about polo. Their private trip to Nigeria had elements reminiscent of a more official royal tour, but it was well-received. What they plan to do in the coming weeks and months remains to be seen.”

Earlier in May, Harry and Meghan visited Nigeria for three days. Although no longer royal, their reception echoed that of traditional royal engagements.

Discussions have surfaced about the Sussexes possibly undertaking similar tours in the future, potentially including their children, Archie and Lilibet.

Before their trip to Nigeria, the couple faced significant criticism, with some labeling their activities as an “unofficial royal tour” and accusing them of undermining the Royal Family’s connections with the Commonwealth.

Royal commentator Tom Bower accused Harry and Meghan of playing the “royal card” during their visit, and author Phil Dampier commented on the irony of the trip, given the Sussexes’ previous critiques of the Commonwealth.

Harry and Meghan are “forming an alternative royal family,” expert claims

What is the purpose behind Harry and Meghan’s quasi-royal engagements?

During a segment on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive, historian Gareth Russell suggested that Harry and Meghan might be establishing “an alternative royal family.”

“There’s a real chance they are crafting an alternate royal identity. The challenge is that such actions invite increased scrutiny on their other activities, like commercial projects or their semi-royal tours,” Russell commented.

He further speculated about their motives: “They’ve labeled their venture ‘The Office of Harry and Meghan’ which is fascinating. Could this be a strategic move to shift away from the negative press they’ve faced recently? Or perhaps a move towards a more socially conservative image, positioning themselves as royals in exile, so to speak?”

Russell also pondered the impact of their approach on public opinion: “They might be responding to advice to avoid criticizing the royal family openly, given their current low popularity in America. Yet, public sentiment can fluctuate dramatically. They could very well plan a U.S. tour, and there are hints that they will.”

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Harry admitted he was ‘terrified’ about his relationship with Meghan: “It was awful..”.
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