How to clean AirPods?

If you wear your ear pods almost every single day, just like many other present-day music lovers, you are well aware that some of the best times to wear AirPods are when you first wake up, when you’re brushing your teeth, raking the leaves, putting baby down for a nap, when 10 minutes later your baby wakes up from a nap, when you are at the grocery store, and of course, when you are going for a walk.

So it’s not surprising that your ear pads get dirty real quick. That’s why today we are going to show you how to clean your AirPods.

There’s more than one way to clean your ear buds, so today we’ll go over a few of them. We will see what works and what doesn’t work so that ultimately you will be able to choose which method suits you best. Also, we’ll go over sanitizing tips.

Let your AirPods get as dirty and disgusting as they could possibly get. Let the dirt, grime and earwax form layers on your ear buds so that you can go ahead, clean them and see whether any of the methods we are going to show you today are effective.

How to remove dirt from your ear bud case

When you’re cleaning your ear bud case you want to start off with your soft cloth. You can use a microfiber cloth as well. You just want to press in and firmly wipe away dirt, grime and earwax droppings and whatever other residue that managed to get in your case.

And then you’ll need a cotton bud, because you will fail to reach everywhere with the cloth. Once you get too far down, you should be careful not to damage connectors located there.

Now let’s move on to AirPods themselves.

How to get dirt out of ear buds?

In order to remove dirt from ear buds, you can utilize the following tools:

1) Cotton buds

There’s just so much grime and nastiness inside of your ear buds. You just want to start by wiping the metal grills and sound holes of your device with the help of cotton buds. You can use this technique where you spin it around and just deal with the nastiness.

2) Alcohol

Apple does not want you to use any liquids while cleaning your AirPods, but it is okay to use a little bit of alcohol while cleaning them.

You can either dip your cotton swab in alcohol, or you can take a cotton pad that already has a little alcohol on it, wrap the pad around the tip of your cotton bud and squeeze it. That way you’re not going to oversaturate your cotton bud. Now you can proceed to clean your AirPods with the bud.

3) Toothbrush

Try to use your toothbrush. You might want to consider buying a brand new toothbrush that you’ll use specifically to clean your ear buds. Make sure your toothbrush is marked, so you won’t accidentally use it in the bathroom.

4) Toothpick

The real secret to really getting the grime that’s on the perimeter of your air pods, which can probably work best for you, is a regular old toothpick.

Use a toothpick at your own risk, because you can damage your air pods if you’re not skilled with your hands.

You need to lightly grab your toothpick and gently scrape the outside of the air pods.

When you scrape off earwax, you shouldn’t press the metal grills of your ear buds, since in this case you will damage the mesh filter and everything that is underneath it. Just lightly scrape away the dirt; that’ll get rid of most of that embedded dirt.

After scraping the metal grills of your ear buds with a toothpick, you can proceed to complete the cleaning process using a toothbrush.

Poor ear bud care materials

Avoid using sponges while cleaning your AirPods, since they will break apart and their particles will get inside the openings of metal grills and other crevices of your device. Sponges might be good at removing stains from the outer shell of your ear buds at best.

The next cleaners that you should avoid using are putties and gums. The manufacturers of putties claim that you just need to put their product on your AirPods, peel it off after a little while, and your device becomes clean. In fact, you can ruin your ear buds, if you use any putty for this purpose, since putties or gums can stick to the metal grills.

How to save your device from germs

You don’t want to just clean the outside of your AirPods; you also want to kill the germs that have settled on the surface of your device.

And there is one thing that will help you sterilize your ear pods. It is called a UV light phone sanitizer. It will kill 99.9% of all the bacteria that live in your device.

Moreover, apart from ear buds, this thing will work on your phone, Apple watch band or whatever other electronics you have that will fit in the sanitizer. The UV light will obliterate the bacteria.

That’s pretty much all we wanted to tell you about how to clean your AirPods. I hope that information set out in this article will come in handy.