If you catch sight of this insect in your yard, you had better know what it is.

The emergence of social media has yielded a singular positive outcome: the ability for individuals to swiftly disseminate information.

Consequently, alerts regarding potential hazards can circulate rapidly, theoretically enhancing our collective safety.

Several years prior, a concerned mother issued a warning after her son developed a peculiar, grid-like red mark on his skin subsequent to handling tree branches. Urgently, he was transported to the emergency room.

Now, Andrea Pergola endeavors to impart knowledge that could potentially safeguard lives.

While engaging in volunteer work collecting tree branches, Andrea’s 15-year-old son, Logan, encountered a momentary sharp sting. Shortly thereafter, a red grid-like mark manifested on his arm, swiftly escalating into a severe rash. The rash extended from his arm to his chest, accompanied by intense burning sensations.

Adding to his distress, Logan experienced dizziness and pallor. Andrea attempted to alleviate the symptoms by cleansing the affected area and applying garlic, a purported remedy for insect stings. However, her efforts proved futile.

It was Logan’s grandfather who ultimately identified the culprit—a bug that had stung Logan.

Taking precautionary measures, he donned thick gloves, captured the insect, and proceeded to examine it closely.

It turned out to be a caterpillar, seemingly innocuous with its “cute” and fuzzy appearance. However, it was revealed to be one of the most venomous caterpillars in North America. Upon conducting online research, Andrea swiftly recognized the urgency of getting Logan to the emergency room.

Taking to Facebook, Andrea urged others to educate themselves and their children about this particular caterpillar. Originating from Texas, it had somehow found its way to Florida.

She emphasized the importance of seeking medical attention immediately if stung, highlighting that standard over-the-counter remedies like Benadryl would not suffice for this venomous encounter.

Watch more on Logan’s ordeal – and his mom’s subsequent warning – below:

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If you catch sight of this insect in your yard, you had better know what it is.
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