If you happen to notice these enigmatic black dots in your kitchen, you had better know what they mean.

Discovering inexplicable things in our homes is seldom enjoyable. Personally, whenever I come across a new mark on the wall or detect an unfamiliar odor, I can’t help but wonder if it’s a sign of something more serious.

The immediate concern is whether it will escalate into a costly problem down the line.

That’s why I can relate to an internet user who became worried upon finding unexplained black dots appearing in her kitchen…

It’s common knowledge that discovering peculiar marks or unexplained occurrences in the kitchen can trigger concern. After all, the kitchen is where food is prepared, and typically, it’s the area of the house where one desires utmost control over cleanliness and order.

One homeowner, however, found herself puzzled by a recurring series of strange black dots.

“Does anyone have any idea what these points might be?” she inquired in the Facebook group ‘WeLoveMrsHinch.’

“They first appeared on the kitchen tiles, then on top of the PC we keep in the kitchen this morning.”

Fortunately, fellow Facebook users were able to offer a definitive explanation, though it may not have been the one she had hoped for.

“Take a closer look; you’ll likely find spiders,” one person responded in the comments.

“It’s quite common this time of year, spiders leave droppings everywhere,” another chimed in.

According to the Pest Guidance website, spiders don’t leave solid droppings; instead, their excrement is thick and liquid, resembling dark ink stains that often appear on walls and surfaces.

“Their droppings appear as splats or drips in various shades of black, brown, white, or grey,” the website explains.

“The color and type of droppings vary by species, but in most cases, you’ll notice dark splats or drips.

“These droppings consist of food remnants and other waste materials expelled from the spider’s body.”

Did you have any idea about spider droppings? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you happen to notice these enigmatic black dots in your kitchen, you had better know what they mean.
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