Inside Kevin Costner’s 160-Acre Ranch with Its Own Sledding Hill, 2 Lakes & ‘Field of Dreams’.

While some A-list celebrities live downtown admiring endless skyscrapers, Kevin Costner enjoys the peace and quiet far outside the metropolis.

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The actor owns a home that can take your breath away. Costner’s estate is located in downtown Aspen, which is considered one of the richest zip codes in the United States. Secluded and buried in the greenery, the actor’s property is called the “Aspen Independence Ranch”. This place would be great for filming sci-fi movies. And here’s why.

The land on which the ranch sits is 160 acres. It’s a relaxed and serene setting where the “Bodyguard” star and his family live: his wife Christine Baumgartner and their three children, Kayden, Hayes and Grace.

Entrance to the property is gated by a modest, front gate, which is under guard. A private road, lined with golden birch trees, leads to the property.

The Roaring Fork River runs through the grounds. Along the banks of the river are majestic pine trees, which create a special mysterious atmosphere. The grounds are occupied by three independently-owned houses – the main house, the lake house and the river house. All the rooms can easily accommodate up to 34 people.

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The main house, consisting of several levels, includes 6 bedrooms, 6 full baths and 2 half baths. There are also entertaining rooms, dining rooms, living rooms, chef-style kitchens and great outdoor areas.


Of particular note is a hidden door located in one of the bedrooms at the foot of the bed. Hidden beneath the boards is a staircase that leads up to the jacuzzi with gorgeous views of the river and cliffs.

There is a small button on the stonework of the Jacuzzi that can be pressed to start the waterfall. Brick walls, dark oak ceilings and wooden columns create a cabin effect.


A white fireplace, located in the living room, surrounds sofas in gray. According to Amy Mottier, a Coldwell banker and close family friend, Kevin Costner’s home is filled with an air of coziness and domestic warmth.

Although the other two homes on the ranch are inferior in size to the main house, they are still just as stunning. The lake house can accommodate about 12 people, and the river house 6.


The Costner family has a special love for the river house. This is where the whole family gathers when they want to be together. From the house you can admire the magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains. The huge grounds in front of the house just make your head spin.

In addition to providing family members and guests with lush views, the two lakes on the estate offer water sports all year round. There are opportunities to canoe, paddleboard, and kayak, while fishing and catching trophy trout. In winter, when the water is covered with ice, you can do ice fishing. And you can have fun sledding from the equipped slide.


The role in the movie “Field of Dreams” brought Kevin Costner fame for his love of baseball. After this role, the actor starred in two films about the sport. His fondness for baseball Costner realized on the territory of his estate.

In the movie “Field of Dreams” baseball field surrounded by cornfields. In real life, the actor’s sports field is equipped with special lighting and music. It is the perfect place for both the actor’s family and those who want to rent the site, as the lighting allows to play even at night.

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The Actor’s Homestead can be rented to host special events, corporate retreats and weddings. To prove that the place is perfect for a marriage ceremony, Kevin Costner played his own wedding here.

The first meeting between the actor and Christina Baumgartner took place in the 1980s, at the time Kevin was in a union with his first wife Cindy Costner. The second meeting occurred in 1999, and that is when a spark arose between the future spouses.

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By that time, the actor had already separated from Cindy and was in search of a new love. Kevin and Christina began to go out. Their relationship lasted four years. However, in 2003, the couple broke up. The reason for the breakup was a disagreement about their common children.

Baumgartner wanted to experience the happiness of motherhood, and it was enough for Costner, since he was already a father of four children. By the way, three children were given to the actor by his first wife Cindy, and another child was born in the actor’s relationship with his girlfriend Bridget Rooney.

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In 2018, during an interview with Closer Weekly, Costner admitted that he was afraid to marry Christina because he was worried that he would not be a good father for the child that his chosen one wanted so much.

We should say that the parting of the lovers did not last long. According to Costner, he woke up one day and realized that he could lose a good woman because of his fears.

They reunited again and almost immediately played a wedding. The marriage took place in 2004 at the actor’s estate in Aspen. Kevin, as if playing a scene from a sci-fi movie, arrived at the wedding venue in a horse-drawn carriage. And the bride was taken to the ceremony site by a vintage green pickup truck. After saying their vows by the river, the couple celebrated with invited guests.

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Three years later, the new family had their first child, son Cayden. In the spring of 2007 they had another son, Hayes, and in the summer of 2010, a daughter, Grace.

The family currently resides in a beautiful estate in Aspen. Leaving behind his fears, the actor is fully devoted to his family and enjoys being a father of seven children.

Kevin Costner says, “There are two kind of roles in my life: one I get paid for when I act in movies, and the other is the role of a father, for which I will be rewarded my whole life.”

The popular actor admits that he enjoys playing heroes in movies. But even more he loves those moments when he comes home and becomes a father to his beloved children.

Inside Kevin Costner’s 160-Acre Ranch with Its Own Sledding Hill, 2 Lakes & ‘Field of Dreams’.
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