Katy Perry, 39 y.o., wears ‘questionable’ outfit to award show – ‘I can’t believe she’d put this on’.

Katy Perry, renowned for her chart-topping hits and bold fashion choices, made headlines once again with her attire at the 2024 Billboard Women In Music Awards. Despite her undeniable talent, it was her outfit that stole the spotlight, prompting mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

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Perry’s outfit consisted of a daring crimson dress and corset, both intricately laced up in the back, teasing glimpses of skin with each step she took.

The dress, with its provocative design, extended down to its edges, leaving her entire back and buttocks exposed to the flashing lights of the paparazzi.

Despite the revealing nature of her attire, Perry appeared unfazed by the attention it garnered. With a beaming smile, a playful wink, and a mischievous tongue-out pose, she confidently flaunted her bold fashion choice, relishing in the spotlight as photographers captured every moment.

However, as images of Perry’s risqué outfit circulated on social media, the reactions were mixed. While some praised her for embracing her body and flaunting her confidence, others criticized her choice, deeming it inappropriate for the occasion.

One commenter named Gina Delmore wrote, “Wow! She’s not a favorite of mine. But she has a 3 [year old] and she is rocking this at 39! Maybe the back is a tad uh, questionable”

While another commenter named Denise Gabriel added, “I can’t believe she wore this.”

In addition to fan reactions, fellow musicians and industry insiders weighed in on Perry’s fashion choice. While some commended her for pushing boundaries and embracing her individuality, others questioned the message it conveyed to impressionable audiences, especially young fans.

Katy Perry’s Response

Amidst the controversy, Perry remained notably silent, allowing her outfit to speak for itself. While some interpreted her silence as a sign of indifference or defiance, others viewed it as a deliberate choice to let her actions speak louder than words, reinforcing her message of self-confidence and empowerment.


Katy Perry, 39 y.o., wears ‘questionable’ outfit to award show – ‘I can’t believe she’d put this on’.
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