Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, 54, gets mixed reactions after showing up in teal cut-out dress on red carpet.

They may not be the most flamboyant pair, nor the most controversial or outspoken, and certainly not the ones craving constant attention, but Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant are simply adorable.

Keanu and his 54-year-old partner often grab headlines when they grace the red carpet together, and most of what’s said about them is overwhelmingly positive. They don’t resort to attention-seeking antics or play up for the cameras just for publicity’s sake.

Instead, there’s an unmistakable down-to-earth quality about the couple, a rarity in the glitzy world of Hollywood. They come across as genuine and deeply in love, which explains the joy people feel every time they appear together.

Yet, even with all that, critics still feel the need to chime in, apparently.

Keanu and Alexandra recently made an appearance at the MOCA Gala. Alexandra caught attention in a striking teal cut-out dress, contrasting with Keanu’s dark suit and scarf combo, surely turning heads.

While many showered Alexandra with compliments, some couldn’t help but voice negative opinions about her dress.

One critic remarked, “Her dress was completely wrinkled. I can’t believe it. I’m just saying, why didn’t she steam it? Why do this?”

Another quipped, “Well, at least she’s a woman; iron your dress.”

A third expressed frustration, “The rich & famous have everything they could want & insist on dressing sloppy. As if to say I’m down to earth. COME ON!!!!”

And in a particularly harsh comment, a fourth cruelly wrote, “Keanu and his mother.”

The couple’s relationship traces back to 2009 when they first met at a dinner party. They later collaborated on a book titled Ode to Happiness in 2011, with Reeves as the author and Grant as the illustrator.

Though they kept their romance private for years, they officially debuted as a couple at the LACMA Art + Film Gala presented by Gucci in 2019.

Known for their low-key lifestyle, Keanu and Alexandra prefer intimate gatherings at home over extravagant events, according to sources close to them as reported by People. Described as “homebodies,” they cherish their time together and prioritize moments that truly matter to them.

Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend, 54, gets mixed reactions after showing up in teal cut-out dress on red carpet.
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