Kevin Costner suspected affair between ex-wife and her new man – and you might recognize him.

The divorce saga between renowned actor Kevin Costner and his former spouse Christine Baumgartner has had its fair share of ups and down, and it would appear that the train of speculation and rumor shows no signs of slowing.

Since their official split in September 2023, the media has been abuzz with speculation and rumors surrounding their individual endeavors to move forward in the realm of love.

And now, a new batch of details has shocked the public…

New Romances on the Horizon

Reports began circulating, suggesting that both Costner and Baumgartner were actively seeking companionship following their divorce. Speculations arose linking Costner romantically to singer Jewel, while Baumgartner’s alleged involvement with financier Josh Connor garnered significant attention.

Recent developments have introduced a compelling twist to the narrative. Insider revelations surfaced, indicating that Costner harbored suspicions regarding Baumgartner’s relationship with Josh Connor even before their divorce was finalized.

Baumgartner’s Admission

Amid escalating rumors, Christine Baumgartner eventually confirmed her romantic involvement with Josh Connor, dispelling previous denials regarding the nature of their relationship.

Following that update, the aforementioned insider told Us Weekly that Costner had a strong inkling that “something was going on between Christine and Josh”, adding that the pair’s “close bond was a real elephant in the room.”

Earlier this month, the Daily Mail released a series of photos featuring 49-year-old Christine and Josh. Among them was one capturing Christine, a fashion designer by profession, apparently dropping Josh off at his residence.

Their public appearance during a summer getaway to Hawaii last July sparked inquiries about their relationship status, particularly amidst Christine’s ongoing divorce proceedings.

In response to queries about their romantic involvement, Baumgartner firmly denied any relationship with Connor, stating that he had stayed in a separate room during their vacation.

However, the Mail reports that Baumgartner and Connor embarked on a second trip to Hawaii in December.

Sources cited by the Mail have affirmed that Christine and Josh’s romance has been ongoing for a significant period.

An insider revealed, “They’ve been together for a while now. They spent time together in Hawaii before Christmas while Kevin was likely in Aspen with the kids.”

Kevin Costner suspected affair between ex-wife and her new man – and you might recognize him.
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