Lee Majors Said Farrah Fawcett Was like ‘Little Girl’ but She Knew It Was ‘Love at First Sight’.

Kentucky is the birthplace of Lee Majors. The future actor was not even two years old when he was orphaned. Majors managed to get an education, thanks to the fact that he was a member of the state college soccer team in Eastern Kentucky. But numerous injuries prevented him from building a soccer career.

That’s when Majors made the decision to leave his hometown for Los Angeles. He planned to set up regular high school classes as a coach and participate in recreational activities. However, soccer friends introduced him to the profession of acting.

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After completing his studies, Majors was able to settle into the film industry. Fame came to him after his role as Heath, Barbara Stanwyck’s roguish son, in the television series “Big Valley” on the ABC channel. This was followed by appearances on the television shows “Owen Marshall” and “Shiloh’s Men.” These works paved the way for Majors to get a role in the series “Million Dollar Man.” According to the actor, he was happy and proud to be entrusted with the role.

Because of the collapse of fame Majors had to give up going to bars, because as soon as he saw unfamiliar guys, they immediately asked to measure themselves against them.

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Fawcett’s father was a supplier in the Corpus Christi oil field. Her childhood was spent in Texas. A diligent Catholic, Farrah attended the University of Texas, where she achieved college beauty queen status. Her picture caught the eye of an advertising agent who suggested she go to Hollywood. That’s where her modeling career began. Fawcett advertised all sorts of products, from shampoos to toothpaste.

A Hollywood advertising agent, Majors, noticed a picture of the beauty. After Lee saw the picture, he was so fascinated by the girl’s beauty, that he left her a message at the house where she lived. Majors made an appointment by phone with Fawcett at 7:30 p.m., the actor offered to have dinner together. It is said that Farrah disliked this very much. Some time later, Majors dialed her again to apologize for his insolence.

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Rumor has it that when their meeting did take place, Fawcett melted before his eyes. It was love at first sight. They went to a dance, the girl ordered a whiskey and Coke. However, the date did not last long. Farrah suddenly became ill. The next morning a bouquet of thirteen yellow roses awaited the girl. Majors was fascinated by the girl, called her gorgeous and compared her to a little girl whose beauty pours from within.

Majors first married at age 17, then living in Kentucky. He had a son, Lee Jr. At the time he met Farrah, he was already divorced.

After marrying Fawcett in 1973, the actor played the role of a bionic robot in the movie “Six Million Dollar Man. Spouse supported him in everything. Farrah herself continued to work as a model, among her projects were Ultra Brite, Noxzema and Wella Balsam. But no matter how busy Fossett was, she and Lee agreed that Farrah would always came home on time and met her spouse with a cooked dinner. They lived in a splendid French house in Bel-Air, near Wilt Chamberlain. Farrah affectionately called her husband “Grumpy.

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Majors was skeptical about Farrah’s work, because he was bothered by the people Fawcett had to work with. According to Farrah, it bothered her, too. Fawcett gained widespread fame in 1973 when she was cast for the movie Charlie’s Angels. The poster for the film, which featured her in a red bodysuit, had a circulation of 12 million copies. This picture brought Fossett enormous popularity, she was called a sex symbol and adored by men and women alike. Millions of women rushed to do the same hair, as the actress had on the poster. It was even called “Farrah’s hairdo”.

Fawcett did a great job as an undercover agent fighting crime. Charlie’s Three Angels won the hearts of many thousands of audiences, the film was a success all over the world. Because of the wild popularity, she and her husband could not even quietly go out, the paparazzi were right there.

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The news of the couple’s separation broke when Fawcett went on a big tour with a promotional campaign for the film “Sunstroke.” After 11 years together, the 32-year-old Farrah moved out of the Bel-Air mansion where the couple lived. According to Fossett, before her marriage, Majors made her a condition that she would clean his house, cook and depend on him. According to Farrah, cooking and taking care of the house was still something she enjoyed, but she no longer wanted to remain dependent on her husband. She regretted it, as Majors tried to be caring and understanding.

It is said that the rift in the family happened because of the sudden fame that fell on Fawcett, as well as the terms of her contract. At the height of their career, Farrah and Lee left television and devoted themselves entirely to movies.

Fawcett starred in “Charlie’s Angels” for another year before leaving the project. And Majors after the “Six Million Dollar Man” stagnated, the films with his participation did not enjoy great success.

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When Farrah left “Charlie’s Angels” fans were outraged, accusations of disloyalty poured on her. She was no longer given new roles. According to Farrah, they tried to impose guilt on her that she didn’t feel for herself, so she didn’t give up. More and more she began to rely only on her own strength, and not on the help of her husband and her environment. The actress admitted that Majdors felt unwanted and told her so, but Fawcett disagreed with him. She just wanted to take her relationship to the next level. The couple separated in 1979, with the final point in the divorce being in 1982.

After Lee Majors new favorite of Farrah’s became an actor Ryan O’Neal, known for the film “Love Story” in 1970.

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Their relationship lasted almost twenty years, they had a son, Redmond. This union is remembered in Hollywood as one of the strongest, although officially Fawcett and O’Neal were not married. The separation occurred in 1996. After 17 years of their relationship, Farrah and Ryan separated, only to reunite when the actor was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. Fawcett was by her lover’s side and waited until he recovered. In 2006, however, Farrah herself was diagnosed with the dreaded disease.

Fossett’s mother passed away the same year that Fawcett learned she had anal cancer. It was a rare disease for the time, being diagnosed in only five Americans a year. The actress was treated at the clinic as well as at the Angeles Research Institute. Dr. Lawrence Piro was in charge of the process. Although it was believed that the cancer was incurable, there were chances for recovery.

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Ryan went to live with Farrah, and together they flew to Germany to treat an aggressive form of cancer. Sadly, Fawcett was not cured; she died at age 62 at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California. Immediately after Majors learned that Fawcett had died, he  released a statement in which he declared he and his wife Faith were saddened to hear of Fawcett’s passing.

According to Lee, Farrah bravely fought a terrible disease. In an interview for People, he talked a little bit about his and Farrah’s marriage. Thus, it became known that it was Majors who suggested using the sensational photo in a red swimsuit for “Charlie’s Angels”.

Majors said that he communicated with his ex-wife several times before her death. The actor admitted that the reason for their difficult marriage was their career, which took 14 hours every day. It came to the point that one year they saw each other only for two weeks. Majors stressed that he is happy and proud to have been together with his current wife for 23 years.

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At the time of the interview, the actor was about to be filmed in Thunderbirds Gone. Majors was 80 years old by that time, and, according to the actor, he was happy that he can do what he loves.

Lee Majors Said Farrah Fawcett Was like ‘Little Girl’ but She Knew It Was ‘Love at First Sight’.
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