Marie Osmond stirs debate after debuting new hair – it’s a ‘drastic change’.

Marie Osmond, the beloved singer and TV personality, recently caused quite a stir online with her unexpected style transformation.

Known for her trademark brunette hair, the 64-year-old star shocked fans by unveiling a striking new hairdo in a recent video.

Keep reading to see how she is rocking her new look!

This is how we’re used to seeing Marie Osmond

In a recent Instagram post, Marie proudly displayed her blonde locks, triggering a wave of responses from her followers on various social media platforms.

Some expressed astonishment, remarking that she appeared almost unrecognizable with her new hair color.

“Oh my God! You really did THAT to your hair? Bye to that and the knife nails!” exclaimed one fan, while another curiously asked: “Blondes have more fun, right?”

“No blonde hair sweetie!! Go back to your color! i’m very sorry, but does not look flattering! Just being honest!”


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Fans flooded the comments section with a range of reactions, from admiration to bewilderment. While some praised Marie’s courage to embrace change, others questioned the drastic departure from her traditional brunette look.

“Surprised to see so many negative comments about the blonde look. You look stunning! Ignore the haters!”

“Love love love the blonde look! I’m gonna be blonde till the day I die hahaha (chemically haha)”.

“Wow! Never seen Marie blonde before! First time for everything! ”

However, for Marie, this transformation signifies more than just a change in hair color—it symbolizes a fresh start.

In an interview with Closer Weekly, she expressed her willingness to experiment with her appearance as she embraces new chapters in her life.

During the pandemic, Marie faced the challenge of maintaining her hair without access to professional salons. Turning to virtual consultations, she navigated the world of DIY hair care with the guidance of her trusted hairstylist.

Despite the initial hurdles, Marie found joy in the process of experimentation. She discovered innovative ways to manage her hair while relishing the freedom to explore different styles.

Through trial and error, Marie discovered creative solutions for styling her hair and concealing any imperfections. She found joy in the process of experimentation, embracing each new discovery as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

As news of Marie’s blonde transformation spread, fans expressed a wide range of emotions, from admiration to disbelief.

Amidst the mixed opinions, messages of encouragement and support emerged, highlighting the unwavering loyalty of Marie’s fan base. Despite the naysayers, many expressed admiration for her resilience and determination to stay true to herself.

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Marie Osmond stirs debate after debuting new hair – it’s a ‘drastic change’.
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