Meghan Markle boasts of dynamic new hairdo on winter trip with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle, renowned for her graceful and refined fashion choices, recently decided to refresh her hairstyle, infusing some vibrancy into her stunning, lengthy locks.

The Duchess of Sussex has showcased an array of hairstyles, ranging from cascading waves to polished buns, and she’s now embracing a fresh hue described as “chocolate chestnut brunette.”

While the shift from her customary chocolate brown may seem subtle, the effect of her sun-kissed locks is truly dazzling, accentuating her beauty in a radiant new way!

Keep reading to learn more about the new look that makes Markle sparkle!

Meghan Markle recently unveiled a discreet adjustment to her trademark brunette locks, debuting her fresh look alongside Prince Harry at the 2025 Invictus Games.

In an Instagram post, celebrity hairstylist Kadi Lee provided a glimpse into Markle’s updated tresses, describing them as a fusion of red and golden tones overlaid with a dark shade, termed “chocolate chestnut brunette” for the Duchess of Sussex’s appearance at the Invictus Games.

Lee emphasized how this blend not only enhances skin radiance, particularly in the winter months, but also bestows a remarkable shine to the hair.

Acknowledging stylist Hector’s contribution to Markle’s impeccable blowout, executed at California’s Highbrow Hippie salon, Lee’s post prompted an outpouring of admiration from online users, with some eager to replicate the color at their own salons.

Despite Markle’s seemingly effortless beauty, her father, Thomas Markle, revealed that maintaining her sleek hairstyle required significant effort.

Thomas, who hasn’t had contact with his daughter since suffering two heart attacks on the eve of her 2018 wedding to the Prince, recounted to the Daily Mail his early morning routines with Meghan. He shared that when she was younger, he would often rise at 5 a.m. to assist her in achieving smooth, straightened hair.

“At times, straightening her hair would consume hours before she headed off to school,” recalled Thomas, now 79. “Yet, it was a task I gladly undertook.”

As Meghan entered her teenage years, she took on the responsibility of styling her own hair and applying makeup. Drawing from techniques gleaned from her time spent on studio sets with her now retired father, who earned two Daytime Emmy Awards for his work as a lighting director on the TV series General Hospital, she became adept at managing her own beauty regimen.


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Years down the line, as she secured the role of “suitcase girl” number 24 on the television game show Deal or No Deal, Markle embraced her now-iconic glossy appearance.

In 2011, she discussed the effort required to maintain her hair’s soft and voluminous texture. “My mother is black, and my father is Dutch and Irish, so my hair has a densely curly texture… I’ve been getting Brazilian blowouts for a few years,” she explained, referring to the semi-permanent hair treatment known for its strengthening effects, lasting approximately four months.

Debuts new do

In February 2024, the Duke and Duchess visited Canada to shine a spotlight on the upcoming 2025 Invictus Games, slated to take place in Whistler, BC, the following year. Founded by Prince Harry to support sick and injured service members, these games have been a beacon of hope since their inception in 2014. The 2025 edition will mark a significant milestone as it introduces winter sports for the first time in the event’s history.


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The couple made a visit to the Participating Nation’s Training Camp, where they connected with athletes from various countries gearing up for the 2025 games.

Accompanied by Canadian singer Michael Bublé, the Duke engaged in adaptive winter sports activities, while Markle, dressed in skinny jeans paired with a white cashmere sweater and either a beige or dark quilted jacket, showcased her fresh hairstyle.

Fans took to the Invictus Games 2025 Instagram page to express their admiration, with one writing, “It’s so wonderful to see Harry and Meghan with our veterans again. The respect between everyone is great to see. Invictus Spirit.” Another commented, “Beautiful. So proud of the veterans. Current service personnel, Prince Harry, Meghan and the entire Invictus family.” A third simply wrote, “So lovely.”

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Meghan Markle boasts of dynamic new hairdo on winter trip with Prince Harry.
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