Mom Freaks Out When She Checks Son’s Baby Monitor, & Sees Another Baby in His Crib.

The mother of two from Illinois had anticipated a calm and unremarkable evening. However, her customary inspection of the baby monitor would prove to be a shockingly bewildering experience.

While looking at her baby monitor’s screen, Maritza Cibuls was surprised and uneasy. She saw that her 18-month-old son was not by himself in his crib. Instead, she saw what seemed to be another baby’s face beside him.

Maritza’s heart raced, and her mind raced even more. She couldn’t help but think about how the “other baby” had gotten into her child’s room and what she should do next.

A Strange Sight in Her Child’s Crib

In 2019, Maritza believed she was alone with her two children one late night. However, while checking on her son Lincoln, she noticed something strange.

When she looked at their baby monitor, she saw an object beside her sleeping child that she couldn’t identify.

Maritza couldn’t decide if it was a supernatural phenomenon or a harmless error in the monitor. Regardless, she was determined to investigate, regardless of the consequences.

The Unusual Sight Worried Her

While Maritza gazed at the mysterious entity on the screen, she couldn’t shake the impression that something wasn’t right. Was it simply a shadow deceiving her, or was her son in jeopardy? She recounted her emotions, stating:

“At the beginning, I assumed my eyes were deceiving me. I attempted to disregard it, but it was beginning to give me the chills.”

It had the Appearance of a Ghost.

Maritza admitted that her initial impression was irrational. She believed that she was witnessing another “ghost baby” next to her son. However, her logical mind yearned for a more sensible explanation.

Maritza avoided making any hasty judgments but realized that she had to act swiftly after seeing the apparition on her son’s baby monitor.

It was Incomprehensible to Everyone.

Maritza promptly sent a picture to her spouse, Corey, expecting him to provide clarification or solace. However, upon viewing the image, he was equally bewildered as she was.

Desiring answers, Maritza reached out to her acquaintances for guidance, but their replies only added to her confusion. As the evening progressed, she couldn’t dismiss the suspicion that there was more to this enigmatic entity in her child’s crib.

Could it be an indication of something paranormal or a harmless malfunction in the monitor? Regardless of the consequence, the mother realized she had to unravel this mystery.

She Went Looking For Answers

Maritza went to her son’s room with a flashlight but saw nothing was in his crib. The worried mother returned to her room and watched the monitor for hours, but the “ghost baby” never moved.

Thankfully, her son seemed fine, but she desperately wanted to solve the mystery. The next day brought the answers Maritza sought and left her feeling embarrassed.

A second Infant was Present in the Crib.

When Maritza removed the crib sheets, she discovered that her husband was responsible for the oversight of leaving the mattress uncovered before putting on the new sheet. This caused a sticker of a baby’s face to be visible.

Surprisingly, there was another baby in the crib, but not in the manner that Maritza had initially thought. To clarify the situation, she admitted, “I felt ashamed because I always cover the mattress with a protector, so I had never noticed the sticker before.”

The Online Reaction

In a humorous manner, Maritza announced that her husband was now prohibited from changing the sheets in the future. The incident caused a stir among netizens, and many joined in on the laughter, with some leaving comments such as:

“I can imagine how scary it must have been, but it’s hilarious now that it’s all over.”

“Aww, that’s so adorable! I’m a believer, so I like to think there was an angel watching over the baby.”

“I can totally relate! I always think I see something spooky on my baby monitor!”

Maritza’s experience quickly went viral, and it was an unforgettable moment for her. She was grateful that her child was safe and healthy, and relieved that there was nothing sinister happening in her home.

Mom Freaks Out When She Checks Son’s Baby Monitor, & Sees Another Baby in His Crib.
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