Mom’s baby bump was so huge people thought she was carrying 8 babies

In the past pregnant women tried not to show off their baby bump. Now it’s the opposite. Most parents to be organize photo shoots to capture the growing belly of the future mom and share their pictures with friends on social networks.

The heroine of our story, a woman named Rena, decided to do the same. She published the story of her pregnancy in TikTok, but there it was met with skepticism, and some even began to doubt her words. It was all about the incredibly huge size of her belly.

But in the end, Rena silenced all the doubters when it was time for the birth…..

All mothers can certainly attest to the amazing, albeit a little scary feeling when they feel the baby moving in their belly.

Pregnancy affects every woman differently. Some may spend days in bed feeling weak and unable to eat, while others may remain active and productive like never before.

When Rena, a mom living in the United States, found herself pregnant for the sixth time in her life, she stayed very active and started posting pictures of her pregnant belly on the social networking site TikTok.

At first, Rena’s videos of her journey to motherhood were not very popular. However, over time, as her belly grew, Rena started gaining millions of views on her channel. Many were convinced that she had an army of babies in her womb, and some even speculated that she could give birth to up to eight children.

Despite this, Rena was convinced that she only had one baby in her womb. “Yes, only one. I’m sure,” she said in one of her videos.

The mother of four chose not to provide a medical explanation for her huge belly, which sparked even more conversations and hypotheses, like gestational diabetes or polyhydramnios. But according to Renee, despite the comments of those around her and the opinion of medical professionals, she was fine.

Despite this, some couldn’t resist criticizing, and even one doctor, probably trying to express concern, expressed his dismay at Renee’s condition. The medical professional was obviously amazed to see the pictures of her belly and expressed that a pregnant woman should be worried.

Renee, who experienced a miscarriage and then became pregnant again, decided to respond to the comment: “As a doctor, you should feel shame for that comment, especially since I am not your patient,” she wrote.

According to Renee, her short stature made her belly appear larger than it actually was.

One user wrote, “I’m pretty sure you have like four twins in there.”

Another user expressed, “That’s a grown man altogether.”

Detailing her pregnancy period, Renee gained 35 pounds. Her belly was gradually getting bigger and viewers could see the process. When she posted the video at the 37th week of pregnancy, it went viral and garnered 37 million views.

On Feb. 18, it was time for Renee to silence those who doubted she was only expecting one child. She had to undergo a planned C-section and her son was born.

The baby weighed 4 kilograms 359 grams and was 57 centimeters long. According to Renee, the infant also had a “big head”, 38 centimeters in circumference. Most importantly, the baby was born healthy.

And her fans wondered about her belly after giving birth. Eleven weeks after her C-section, Renee showed off her belly and responded to the critical comments that have resurfaced.

“Five days post c-section. The only thing I lost was my baby weighing 4 kilograms 359 grams and another 2 kilograms 465 grams,” she said.

“I don’t understand why people can’t understand that every woman’s pregnancy goes differently. I am short and my belly grew in the front. I was told that I was messing up my body and that ‘your stretch marks are going to be horrible.’ I don’t really care because my body has given me five beautiful children and this wonderful angel baby. I love my body and all the amazing things it has done.”

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To demonstrate the size of her infant, Renee posted a video of herself holding her precious baby boy in her arms.

Mom’s baby bump was so huge people thought she was carrying 8 babies
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