First Kate Middleton photo in 76 days withdrawn after alarming details spotted.

In recent months, speculation has swirled around the recovery of Kate Middleton following a “planned abdominal procedure” she underwent in January. Strange reports have emerged, suggesting that the narrative around her recovery may not be as straightforward as initially presented.

Reports have surfaced indicating that several prominent photo and news agencies, including the Associated Press and Getty Images, have taken the unprecedented step of pulling a photo of the Princess of Wales circulated by Kensington Palace on Mother’s Day in the UK.

The reason for this withdrawal? Allegations that the photo may be a fake.

According to sources, these agencies have expressed concerns about the authenticity of the image, with some even suggesting that it may have been manipulated. The Associated Press reportedly issued a directive to journalists and outlets worldwide, advising them to remove the image from all platforms due to suspicions of tampering.

Part of AP’s message read: “At closer inspection, it appears that the source has manipulated the image. No replacement image will be sent. Please remove it from all platforms, including social, where it may still be visible.”

The photograph in question depicts Kate Middleton posing with her three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. At first glance, nothing seems amiss. However, upon closer examination, purported discrepancies have emerged, fueling speculation about the photo’s legitimacy.

Internet sleuths, particularly on X platform, claim to have identified several anomalies within the image…

These anomalies include apparent issues with Princess Charlotte’s sleeve cuff and the zipper on Kate Middleton’s jacket. Such observations have raised questions about the photo’s authenticity, despite assertions from Kensington Palace that it was taken by Prince William.

Internet users (more specifically those on X) were able to find further flaws in the photo, suggesting that it was perhaps AI generated.

The speculation will hardly be welcomed by the Royal Family, who have been busy trying to quell concerns over Kate Middleton’s health since her surgery in January.

The dearth of information has created a vacuum that conspiracy theorists have eagerly exploited, alleging that the public is not being fully informed about Kate Middleton’s health. Kensington Palace’s efforts to reassure the public have been undermined by the persistent ambiguity surrounding the Princess’s whereabouts and well-being.

In response to mounting concerns, Kensington Palace has reiterated its stance that Kate Middleton is recovering well. However, the removal of the Mother’s Day photo has only served to deepen skepticism and distrust among the public.

In the wake of alarming conjecture regarding the Princess of Wales’ whereabouts, the Palace were forced to last week reiterate their stance that Kate is recovering well, though this latest farce regarding the Mother’s Day picture will have done little to lend credence to their claim.

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First Kate Middleton photo in 76 days withdrawn after alarming details spotted.
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