Our hearts go out to Ivanka Trump after troubling reports about her family.

The Trump family consistently ensures that every moment, day, week, and year is anything but dull.

However, 2024 seems poised to surpass even their remarkable standards, marking a pivotal period for them.

Later this year, Donald Trump will contend for a return to the White House for his second presidential term, provided he can navigate through the myriad legal challenges he currently faces.

The implications of this potential return for the future of the US and, frankly, the world at large, spark intense debate. Regardless of your location on the globe, it’s likely you’ll be keeping a close eye on the outcome of the election.

However, there may be an unexpected source of unrest within the Trump family. Reports suggest that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, both prominent figures in Donald’s previous administration, might be heading towards a divorce.

Let’s start by emphasizing that there hasn’t been an official statement from the couple. Nevertheless, several sources have begun speculating about their future.

Earlier this year, Radar Online reported sightings of Ivanka living in a condo with friends in Miami. They also noted her absence of a wedding ring, despite her previous role as a senior advisor in her father’s administration.

Queerty highlighted Ivanka’s omission of a birthday wish to her husband on Instagram, a departure from her past behavior. While seemingly insignificant to many, it’s a departure from her usual habits.

Going further into speculative territory, Radar Online cited an insider who suggested discord within the couple’s marriage.

According to the source, “They’re frequently arguing and struggle to conceal their growing resentment toward each other, even in public. It’s currently a tumultuous situation.”

Ivanka Trump without a wedding ring

Readers may recall that following Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 election, Ivanka and Jared swiftly relocated to Miami. Reports indicate they’re both unwilling to actively support his political endeavors this time around.

Last year, Ivanka explicitly stated her decision not to participate in her father’s reelection bid, prioritizing her young children and their family’s private life.

Speculations suggest Jared may have issued an ultimatum, prompting Ivanka to choose between aiding her father’s campaign or preserving their marriage. According to Radar Online, Jared seeks to distance himself from his father-in-law’s political ventures to safeguard his own business interests.

In February, Jared affirmed his stance on potential roles within Donald Trump’s administration if he secures a Republican victory in the upcoming election.

When asked directly, Kushner confirmed he would decline such offers from his father-in-law.

Our hearts go out to Ivanka Trump after troubling reports about her family.
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