People nowadays have no idea what these are, but do you remember?

As technology continues to advance rapidly, many tools and devices from the past become increasingly obsolete. This can be seen in various areas of our lives, such as how we listen to music and how we travel.

With this rapid change, some technologies from the past are now just distant memories for many people, with future generations unable to even guess what they were used for.

Take this picture for instance, do you know what these were for?

Ones they were a common household item, and every woman would have one. Still no guess? Alright.

These small devices were used to help thread a needle, especially for those who were learning to sew. Every sewing kit would have included a needle threader, along with other essentials such as needles, tape measures, scissors, pins, and a pincushion. Although these tools may be unfamiliar to many people today, they were once an important part of everyday life.

How about these colorful things? Do you remember what these are?

Share your thoughts on Facebook if you can identify them. I was able to recognize them immediately. But, does that mean I’m old?)


People nowadays have no idea what these are, but do you remember?
Mom with large belly poses for camera, when photographer tells her to face the other way.