Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak out on Kate Middleton after photo disaster.

In recent days, a photograph of Kate Middleton and her children circulated, sparking a storm of controversy and raising questions about the truthfulness of Kensington Palace’s representations. As the public clamors for clarity regarding Kate’s well-being, conflicting perspectives emerge, with both support and scrutiny directed at the Duchess.

Meanwhile, the silence from the royal family speaks volumes, while Harry and Meghan’s entry into the fray adds another layer of complexity.


The Background Story: Royal Relationships

The dynamics within the royal family have long been a subject of intrigue, particularly concerning the relationships between its members. The rift between Harry and Meghan and the rest of the royals, including Kate Middleton, has been well-documented since their departure in 2019.

However, when Kensington Palace announced Kate’s scheduled abdominal surgery, Harry and Meghan wasted no time in expressing their well-wishes. Simultaneously, in the wake of last week’s photo blunder, which has spurred numerous conspiracy theories, experts have turned their attention to scrutinizing images of Harry and Meghan, particularly their pregnancy snapshot taken in the US in 2021.

A representative for the Sussexes was also reported to have commented on Kate, asserting that Meghan would never engage in such behavior. However, the veracity of this statement now appears dubious, prompting an official response from Meghan.

For Mother’s Day, Kate Middleton shared a photo of herself with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Louis on the official Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales, extending well wishes to all mothers.

Initially, fans rejoiced at the sight of Kate seemingly in good spirits. Yet, the public’s perception of the image quickly soured as discrepancies emerged. Social media users launched investigations, revealing significant issues with the photo, including apparent manipulation of Princess Charlotte’s jumper and the absence of Kate Middleton’s wedding ring on her right hand.

In response, news agencies such as the Associated Press and Getty issued a “kill notice,” advising against the use of the specific photo due to suspected manipulation. The Associated Press elaborated on their decision, stating that upon closer examination, it became evident that the image did not meet their photo standards, citing inconsistencies in Princess Charlotte’s hand alignment.

Criticism from both royal fans and experts ensued, with many expressing concerns over the lack of information regarding Kate Middleton’s whereabouts and health. The absence of a new picture from Kensington Palace only adds to the air of mystery surrounding the situation.

Meanwhile, CNN announced Monday that all photos previously issued by Kensington Palace are being placed under review.

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle dragged into Kate picture blunder

The revelation of the manipulated picture has placed Kensington Palace in a precarious position, as scrutiny intensifies from various news outlets, photography experts, and social media users.

However, the focus of attention isn’t solely on the Princess of Wales. Following confirmation of the photo’s alteration, fans redirected their scrutiny towards other former royals, namely Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

On Tuesday, publications like the Daily Mail and The Sun ran stories alleging that photographer Misan Harriman, a close associate of Harry and Meghan, had tampered with the portrait he captured during the Sussexes’ pregnancy announcement in 2021.

The image, originally published in black-and-white, depicts Harry and a pregnant Meghan reclining on grass near a tree.

These reports quickly spread across social media platforms, prompting Harriman to refute the allegations. He took to social media, sharing the original colorized version of the snapshot and demanding a “full apology and retraction” from the Daily Mail and The Sun.

In a 2022 interview with the BBC, Harriman maintained that the photo was unedited, capturing the genuine moment of the couple’s joy and intimacy.

Despite their strained relationship with the Princess of Wales, Harry and Meghan extended their support to Kate Middleton following her surgery announcement.

According to the Mirror, the Sussexes conveyed their best wishes to both Kate and King Charles after learning of her hospitalization. Sources revealed that Harry and Meghan reached out to express their concern and solidarity with the royal family during this challenging time.

Weeks later, reports emerged detailing Meghan’s efforts to initiate reconciliation with Kate, viewing the surgery as an opportunity to mend fences.

Meghan reportedly reached out to both Kate and Charles, indicating a willingness to address the ongoing feud and extend an olive branch. Additionally, sources noted Meghan’s supportive stance towards Harry’s reconciliation endeavors, expressing well-wishes for the entire royal family, including Kate.

While Harry and Meghan refrained from issuing an official statement regarding Kate Middleton or King Charles’ health, their involvement in the picture controversy drew attention.

Despite Harriman’s assertion that the 2021 pregnancy photo remained unaltered, an alleged spokesperson from the Sussexes commented on the Kate photo, disputing claims of manipulation. The spokesperson emphasized Meghan’s attention to detail, insinuating discrepancies in the treatment of different royal couples.

Upon learning of these remarks, Harry and Meghan swiftly clarified that the comments attributed to them did not originate from their Archewell Foundation.

Despite prior warnings against commenting on Kate Middleton and her recovery, the Sussexes found themselves embroiled in the unfolding controversy, with some experts attributing the proliferation of rumors to their outspokenness since leaving the royal family.

Meanwhile, royal expert Jennie Bond highlighted the adverse effects of the picture scandal on Kate Middleton.

Speaking with GB News, Bond underscored the intense pressure faced by the Duchess, condemning the potential bullying she may endure amidst public scrutiny. With Kate’s every public appearance subject to judgment and speculation, Bond urged for empathy and restraint, recognizing the toll the situation takes on Kate’s mental and physical well-being.

As the narrative surrounding Kate Middleton’s recovery continues to unfold, it’s essential to offer support and well-wishes to the Duchess during this challenging time.

In light of the heightened scrutiny and speculation, demonstrating empathy and compassion can alleviate the burden on Kate and foster a more understanding discourse surrounding her situation.

Let’s extend our heartfelt wishes for Kate’s swift recovery and stand against any form of unwarranted scrutiny or bullying.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle speak out on Kate Middleton after photo disaster.
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