Queen Camilla speaks out about Kate Middleton following her cancer diagnosis.

For months, the secrecy surrounding Kate Middleton’s health condition had been maintained.

So when Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis a week before Easter, sharing it through her social media accounts, the world was shocked.

As soon as the diagnosis was revealed, more news began to come out of the palace. This time it was Queen Camilla who spoke out.

Kate Middleton’s complete statement:

It’s important to acknowledge the strength and courage displayed by Kate Middleton during such a challenging time for her and her family. Facing major surgery and then discovering the presence of cancer would indeed be a tremendous shock. Her decision to undergo preventative chemotherapy demonstrates her commitment to her health and well-being.

The priority she places on her children’s well-being and the effort she and Prince William have made to explain the situation to George, Charlotte, and Louis in an age-appropriate manner is commendable. It’s understandable that they would want to shield their young children from unnecessary worry and concern while still being honest with them about what’s happening.

The decision to release the announcement video at a specific time to minimize the impact on the children is a thoughtful one. It shows the couple’s consideration for their family’s emotional needs during this difficult period.

Kate Middleton’s message of hope and encouragement to others facing cancer is also touching. By sharing her own experience, she not only seeks to reassure her own family and friends but also offers support to others who may be going through similar challenges.

Overall, Kate Middleton’s strength, resilience, and compassion shine through in her message, and it’s clear that she has a strong support system in her family and medical team.

How Kate Middleton broke the cancer news to her children

As reported by the Sunday Times, the announcement video regarding the cancer diagnosis was released shortly after the closure of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s children’s school, presumably to give them a buffer from immediate questions from peers. By that time, they had already received the news.

A source from the palace conveyed to the Times, “George is ten now and can’t be shielded from any of this now. Once it’s at the school gate and in the school playground, he won’t be able to avoid it.”

So, how does one approach the delicate task of informing children about a cancer diagnosis? Grant Harrold, King Charles’ former butler, suggests that Prince William and Kate Middleton likely tailored their explanation differently for each child.

In an interview with The Post, Harrold, who served Charles during his time as the Prince of Wales, speculated that the couple probably softened the news regarding Kate’s health issues when informing Prince Louis.

“I’m sure it was a very difficult and very different conversation between children,” Harrold expressed to the NY Post. “For instance, for Louis, I’m sure the conversation was more sugarcoated than it was with George and Charlotte.”

He further added, “The older children can understand more, so I’d imagine it was a little more frank but undoubtedly staying positive, which is so important.”

Reflecting on the family’s situation, Harrold remarked, “That’s why when you now look at the picture of Kate with her three children, it brings a tear to your eye. For any mother to have that conversation is huge, and you can imagine Charlotte and George are going to be good supports for her.”

Queen Camilla praised for taking on crucial role

“I mean, to wait till you’re 73 is a long time before you can take the crown. I think obviously, at his age, it’s very difficult, but he’s very determined, and he’s only really just started to be king,” Levin said while appearing on GB News. “Supporting him very much, absolutely by his side, is Queen Camilla, who is going to all the engagements that they would have gone to together on her own.”

“And so that way he will feel it’s still moving, it’s still running, and they can discuss it and talk about it. And I think that’s marvelous. I mean, she is holding the Royal Family up and being strong. If you imagine 30 years ago, people were saying the whole Royal Family would absolutely disintegrate, and she would be of no use.”

Levin added that Camilla has revealed she doesn’t like the spotlight. However, she’s become very “accessible” and makes people laugh when meeting members of the public.

“To support her husband. She understands him very well because they’ve been together for over 50 years, before they even got married. it’s a long time and they make each other laugh,” Angela Levin added while appearing on GB News.

Kate Middleton faced significant backlash after sharing a manipulated Mother’s Day photo on social media, prompting news agencies to remove the picture and fueling conspiracy theories.

While the subsequent release of the cancer diagnosis announcement video shed light on her silence, critics argue that disseminating a doctored image of herself and her children was concerning enough.

As scrutiny intensified around Kate following the Mother’s Day incident, Camilla emerged as a vital source of support for the Duchess of Cambridge.

In an interview with Today, Camilla Tominey, associate editor at The Telegraph, noted Queen Camilla’s efforts to assist Catherine amid the media storm.

“Before Catherine made her announcement, she was dealing with fallout from the Mother’s Day photo scandal. Camilla provided support because she understands the challenges of facing a hostile press and guiding children through media scrutiny,” Tominey explained.

Although Prince William made brief remarks about his wife’s health in February, the royal family largely maintained silence regarding both Kate and King Charles when questioned publicly. However, Queen Camilla recently addressed Kate’s situation.

As King Charles scaled back royal duties due to cancer treatments, Camilla took on additional responsibilities. During a visit to Shrewsbury just before Easter, she publicly acknowledged Kate for the first time since the cancer diagnosis announcement. When two young girls presented Camilla with a sign reading, “Send our love to Kate,” adorned with hearts and stars, Camilla responded warmly.

According to royal expert Rebecca English, Camilla assured the young girls, saying, “I know that Catherine is grateful for all the kind wishes and support.”

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Queen Camilla speaks out about Kate Middleton following her cancer diagnosis.
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