The path to a simple and happy life: why should everyone become a minimalist.

Minimalism is a lifestyle based on a voluntary and intentional desire to live only with what is really needed, and the ability to focus on the significant things in life, and not on the little things. So being a minimalist means deliberately promoting what you value most and removing anything that distracts you from it.

Having a lot does not mean being happy. This is just an illusion of happiness. Minimalism principles.

1. Prioritize different aspects of life.
Conscious decisions are the foundation of a minimalist life, and priorities are the result. By prioritizing various aspects of life — work, relationships, social life, physical well-being, spending, and leisure — you automatically make choices. And that choice can lead to more control, more freedom, and more productivity.

2. Buying purposefully and deliberately, rather than acting spontaneously.
Your goal is to monitor your actions and buy only what you really need. Before you buy something, you need to think carefully about everything and ask yourself: “Why do I need this? And do I need it at all?” Spontaneous decisions usually do not lead to good results.

3. Money is not the only goal in your life.
The whole point of minimalism is to prioritize and focus on what really matters to you. This is why monetary goals are not enough.

Money should be means to an end. Becoming financially freedom is not the only final goal in your life. It’s much more than just that.

4. In relationships quality is valued more than quantity.
The principles of minimalism as a worldview strongly influence the way we manage our relationships and social life. In fact, minimalists have as many friends as non-minimalists. Minimalists are not loners or introverts (although there are people like that).

Minimalism is a choice, and this choice also applies to relationships: fewer relationships helps you concentrate on important relations like parents or, for example, best friends. However, it’s not about the numbers you’re supposed to reduce in dating. It’s about having a real relationship, loyal friends and appreciating what you have.

5. Each person is unique, so everyone has their own minimalism.
Each person is individual, everyone understands this, so everyone decides for himself how much and what he needs in life. You don’t have to look at someone else and copy their life, values or interests. You don’t have to get rid of all the things you have, it will be enough to get rid of irritants and what distracts. You need to create your own minimalism rules and follow them.

6. If you have order in your house, it means your head too.
When your workplace is a mess, it is always difficult to concentrate, extraneous things interfere, it is difficult to find something you need. Eventually, you start to either get angry or lose productivity and motivation. The same mess applies to your entire home.

When everything around is tidy, neat and clean, you start to feel better. Nothing interferes or distracts, but in my head it becomes clear and calm: ideas begin to come and it is much easier to concentrate on tasks.

7. Plan your day.
How you start your day shows how the rest of the day will go. One of the best ways to start the day and feel in control is to spend a few minutes in the evening planning tomorrow. When planning, you can use the Eisenhower principle. You need to divide all your affairs into a few categories:
a) Urgent affairs, which must necessarily be fulfilled;
b) Important affairs (important things that are done after urgent);
c) Less urgent affairs (this includes other people’s business: calls, some meetings, various messages, etc.);
d) Less important affairs (this includes little things).

8. Say no when you feel you should.
First, avoid making short-term decisions until you have time to appreciate their importance. Second, try not to say “maybe” when you really mean “no”. Saying “no” or “I don’t know” (instead of an automatic “yes”) gives you the opportunity to think.

The path to a simple and happy life: why should everyone become a minimalist.
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