This 16lb giant-baby was on every headline in 80s. Look at him all grown up.

A girl named Patricia Clark became pregnant in 1983. And she immediately knew that her child could be born quite large, because these genes were running in her family. However, the woman did not even realize how huge her baby could be.

On the due date, Patricia had a son whom she named Kevin Robert Clark. The weight of the baby reached 16 pounds. In those years he was the largest baby born in this state (New Jersey), and perhaps in the whole country.

The baby didn’t fit in a regular size crib, and all the clothes bought for the newborn simply didn’t fit him. But most importantly, he was in perfect health.

It was not surprising that unusual infant received a lot of media attention. His story hit the front pages of the media.

His parents thought that the child’s hight would become normal as he got older, however, things turned out differently. Kevin continued to get the public attention.

At the age of 12, his height reached the 5 feet 7 inches mark. By the time the boy went to middle school he was already 6 feet 5 inches, and he continued to grow …

“Every day someone asks me how tall I am,” Kevin shared in one of his interviews.

“I used to joke about it. I like to be asked if I play basketball, in response I usually ask: do you play miniature golf?”.

As of today, Kevin has turned 35 years old. He is ex-military, now working in police, married (by the way, his wife is less than 6 feet tall). The couple has a pet – a huge dog.

The young man has long been used to being larger than the people around him. It is not always comfortable when you have to get into a cramped car, leaning in every doorway. Now Kevin’s height has reached 6 feet 9 inches.

Just take a look at this video of the giant man’s life:

It’s not easy to attract such obsessive attention with his looks from birth, some people even point fingers at him on the street. However, Kevin only smiles when this happens. He is happy with his height and feels great about himself.

We wish him all the best. Share this story with your loved ones. Do you know any very tall people? Do you think it’s comfortable?


This 16lb giant-baby was on every headline in 80s. Look at him all grown up.
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