Travis Kelce’s former partner makes troubling accusations, asserting, “Everyone has a limit.”

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love affair has been dominating the headlines non-stop, with Kelce’s former flame now adding her voice to the conversation.

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Travis Kelce’s newfound romance with pop icon Taylor Swift has kept him in the spotlight, drawing attention not only to him but also to his family, who seem to be relishing the newfound fame. While the Kelce family was already well-known, the intensity of media scrutiny due to Travis’ relationship with Taylor Swift is unprecedented for them.

This increased attention hasn’t spared Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole. On Thursday, Nicole took to social media to address the ‘haters’ who have been targeting her.

She posted on X (formerly Twitter), “I keep to myself, steer clear of drama, and remain steadfast in who I am, without expecting acknowledgment for it.”

Continuing, she wrote, “Just understand that everyone has their limits, and I’d appreciate it if certain individuals (you know who you are) would respect my space.”

Her tweet surfaced just hours after Taylor Swift released her highly awaited 11th studio album, The Tortured Poets Department.

Nicole and Kelce were in a relationship from 2017 until May 2022 when they parted ways. However, when Kelce’s relationship with Swift became public in late 2023, some Swift fans inundated Nicole’s social media with GIFs and derogatory remarks.

Initially addressing the matter on Instagram, Nicole described feeling “embarrassed” and facing “backlash.”

In October 2023, when news of Kelce’s romance with Swift first broke, Nicole revealed in a media interview that she had sought therapy following a “tough breakup” and was prioritizing her mental well-being. She also penned a heartfelt letter on her Instagram titled “Dear Black Girl.”

Before writing the letter, Nicole emphasized, “Using my platform to uplift and unify women, particularly Black women, has always been crucial to me.”

Now, it appears Nicole has reached her breaking point with the negativity directed at her from supporters of Kelce’s new relationship.

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Travis Kelce’s former partner makes troubling accusations, asserting, “Everyone has a limit.”
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