14-yr-old Buys Camper from 1974 and Renovates It, you Wouldn’t Believe what it looks like, when you Pick Inside.

During the vacations, many high school students don’t know what to do and simply waste their time. But that’s not the case for West Virginia’s Ellie Yeater. The 14-year-old girl knew exactly what she was going to do when school was over.

The girl had a longtime dream of buying an old camper and transforming it to her liking. This camper was to become a cozy place where she would spend time with her friends.

What turned out in the end deserves a generous praise….

It all started with the purchase of an old camper from 1974. Ellie paid for it out of the money she received for her birthdays.

At first it didn’t look good at all, the camper was very old and the inside was dirty, it was immediately clear that it would take a lot of effort to turn it into a nice and cozy cabin.

The furniture was old and dilapidated, it hadn’t been replaced since the 70’s and was in need of a major overhaul.

“I had to work…a lot…,” the girl told Woodcraft.

But the girl was determined and started by cleaning the floors.

Ellie’s father and older brother had experience in renovations, they supported the girl and volunteered to help her.

After a thorough cleaning, scraping out dirt and even rot, the girl moved on to finishing.

The first thing Ellie did was painting – she didn’t like the dull white color of the camper and decided to paint it brightly.

Then it was time for the interior. Ellie chose a nice peach color for the walls inside the camper, and she highlighted some of the details with blue.

They removed the old tiles from the floor, which were already worn out by time. In its place they chose a modern wood print.

Then they could move on to the decor. At this stage of the camper’s renovation, the whole family got involved in the work. The girl’s grandmother contributed by sewing curtains, towels and beautiful cushion covers.

In just a vacation, Ellie was able to do such a big job, now it’s her retreat. The “before” and “after” pictures are impressive.

Isn’t it impressive that a 14 year old girl was able to accomplish this project? Impressive!

Ellie learned a lot during the project and also spent time with her loved ones doing interesting and creative work.

Ellie’s parents are very proud of their daughter, they revealed that they have always encouraged the girl to be a creative person and not be afraid to take on a new endeavor.

“I always told her that she can do anything if she takes on a job. She has always been a creative person. I want her to know that and never forget it!”. – Ellie’s mom, Lori, shared.

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14-yr-old Buys Camper from 1974 and Renovates It, you Wouldn’t Believe what it looks like, when you Pick Inside.
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