74-year-old Vera Wang ‘aging backwards’ in new poolside pics.

Vera Wang, a name synonymous with bridal elegance, recently took to Instagram to wish her followers a “happy summer,” showcasing pictures that left fans marveling at her youthful appearance.

As she approaches her 75th birthday, the fashion icon continues to defy age, prompting widespread admiration and curiosity about her secrets to maintaining such a vibrant aura.

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Vera’s Instagram post featured her lounging by a pool, embodying the timeless chic and sophistication she’s known for.

Her caption, “My SLIM AARONS moment…Happy Summer!!!” refers to the famous photographer known for capturing the glamorous lifestyles of the elite. This nod to Aaron’s work complements her own aesthetic, one that merges classic elegance with modern flair.

The comments on her post were a mix of awe and playful envy.

Fans expressed disbelief at her age, with remarks like “U r aging backward sis!” and “You can’t be 70.”

Such reactions underscore the fascination with her seemingly reverse aging process, a topic that frequently surfaces around public figures who maintain a youthful appearance well into their senior years.

“You can’t be 70,” remarked another, while someone else quipped: “HOW is it possible you look like this. I need to put down the slice of pizza immediately.”


“Time bows down to you and stops moving,” another fan added.

In her candid conversation with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on the podcast “Wiser Than Me,” Vera discussed her approach to aging.

She humorously mentioned her commitment to dying her hair, joking that she would look like a “bad skunk” otherwise.

This light-hearted take on her personal grooming routines gives insight into how she views age—not as a limitation but as another aspect of life to manage with grace and humor.

Vera Wang has been a significant figure in the fashion industry for decades, known primarily for her stunning wedding gown designs worn by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian.

Her career, which began behind the scenes, has been marked by a continuous evolution, adapting to and setting new trends in bridal wear.

Beyond her professional life, Vera spoke about her personal hopes, particularly seeing her daughters married. Her reflections reveal a maternal side to the designer, juxtaposed with her public persona of a fashion mogul.

“I’m hoping I get the wedding before I die, both weddings. I certainly hope I’m alive and well and can do it,” she said on the podcast.

Vera attributes her youthful looks to a combination of lifestyle choices and perspectives. She admits to not obsessively chasing youth, which may paradoxically be why she appears so youthful.

Her routine includes practical steps like avoiding the sun and getting plenty of rest, but also indulging in a vodka cocktail, which she describes with a wink as part of her “magic elixir.”

“I’m very flattered that people think I’ve aged well, but it was never my goal. I drink vodka, I sleep, I avoid the sun. But I like to work. I don’t want to be pigeonholed,” she said.

As she approaches her 75th birthday, the mother of two revealed that her celebration plans will definitely include dessert because “we’re cake people, as you can tell,” she told People in April.

“Birthday plans are up in the air. I mean 75 is a lot of pressure,” she told the outlet.

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74-year-old Vera Wang ‘aging backwards’ in new poolside pics.
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