After a mother shared an adorable video of her lovely baby girl, some viewers expressed outrage upon noticing a minor detail.

As a parent, you have the right to make choices for your child. However, it’s natural that not everyone will always agree with your decisions.

When you share your choices with a large audience, some may express dissenting opinions.

This is exactly what happened when 4-month-old Lara’s parents began posting videos of their daughter on TikTok, making her a popular sensation on the platform.

Lara’s mother recently shared a video documenting her daughter’s growth, comparing a clip from when she was born in the hospital to a recent video of her at 4 months old, to showcase her progress to her followers.

However, some of Lara’s followers were uneasy after catching a glimpse of her life just 24 hours after her birth.

Viewers noticed that Lara’s ears were already pierced in the video, which raised concerns about a newborn baby having their ears pierced.

While many people expressed their disapproval of such a young baby having ear piercings, others debated whether it was acceptable or not. Some also noted that piercing a baby’s ears is a common practice in certain cultures.

Lara’s mother received criticism and concern from viewers about her decision to have her daughter’s ears pierced. Some people felt that Lara should have the choice to decide for herself when she was older.

One commenter wrote, “I don’t understand it, and it hurts just as much when they’re older! Don’t fool yourself,” while another said, “It’s up to them if they want their ears pierced, right? I’ll let my kids make that decision when they understand it.”

Despite facing negativity and rebukes, Lara’s mother defended her choice and herself. “When a baby gets their ears pierced at 2 or 3 days old, they don’t feel the same pain as they would at 1 or 2 years old. The neonatologists in the hospital make the piercings themselves when the baby is born.” she explained.

Some viewers supported Lara’s mother and highlighted the diversity of traditions across cultures. Every parent has their own unique approach to raising their child.

What are your thoughts on this matter? Do you agree with Lara’s mother’s decision to have her daughter’s ears pierced? Share your views in the comments section!

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After a mother shared an adorable video of her lovely baby girl, some viewers expressed outrage upon noticing a minor detail.
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