Younger Sister being Mocked by Her Greedy Brothers, When She Only Inherited an Old Umbrella.

Lesley, George, and Wilson Farrel lost their parents in a car accident when they were young, and their grandparents stepped up to take care of them. At the time of the accident, George was eleven, Wilson was nine, and Lesley was only five years old.

Their grandparents managed to use their parent’s insurance money wisely to pay for the older boys’ education. However, when it was Lesley’s turn to go to college, her grandmother fell ill.

Despite her desire to attend college, Lesley chose not to abandon her beloved grandparents. Instead, she enrolled in the local community college and attended classes whenever possible.

Sadly, Lesley’s grandmother passed away, but her brothers, George and Wilson, did not attend the funeral. Though they sent flowers and regrets, it was clear that they were not interested in caring for the man who had raised them.

Therefore, Lesley stepped up to take care of her grandfather. Two years later, she met William and got married, and they moved into a small house down the street. Despite her new life, Lesley continued to cook and care for her grandfather until he passed away.


Lesley complained to her husband that her brothers, now wealthy and successful, never offered to assist her or their grandfather in any way, despite their grandparents taking on the responsibility of raising three children in their seventies.

“It’s not that we need them,” she said, “but it just shows such ingratitude!”

William tried to reassure her, saying “what goes around comes around. God’s justice moves slowly but it never fails!”

Lesley shook her head in disbelief. “I don’t believe that! They are nasty, ungrateful men and we are struggling. How is that justice?”

Her grandfather’s health deteriorated, and Lesley became his sole caregiver until he passed away in his sleep, leaving her heartbroken. She arranged the funeral and didn’t expect her brothers to show up.

However, to her surprise, they attended the funeral. Lesley was initially touched by their presence until their motives became apparent. Wilson and George were willing to attend the funeral because their grandfather’s lawyer had asked them to meet him at the old house to discuss their inheritance. Lesley was disappointed to realize that their attendance was driven by greed rather than genuine concern for their grandfather or herself.

Wilson and George surveyed the surroundings with admiration. “This property could fetch a fortune in the market,” George commented.

“Indeed,” Wilson concurred. “Especially if we advertise it as a potential bed and breakfast.”

However, the attorney shook his head. “I regret to inform you that your grandfather has bequeathed the house and its belongings to the Children’s Association as a haven for vulnerable children,” he revealed.

“What?” Wilson protested furiously. “What about us?”

“I agree,” George added. “We’re his direct descendants! Didn’t he care about our well-being?”

“Stop it!” Lesley interjected. “Grandpa did everything in his power for us, everything! It’s his property, and he had the right to distribute it as he pleased.”

The attorney stated, “Your grandfather did leave some tokens of his love,” and placed an intricate silver pocket watch, a silver chain with an antique cross, and an old dark green umbrella on the table.

Wilson eagerly picked up the pocket watch. “The old man kept something from us!” he exclaimed. “This watch dates back to the Civil War era. It could be valuable!”

“As per your grandfather’s instructions, each of you will choose an object based on your age, starting with George, then Wilson, and finally Lesley,” the attorney clarified.

Wilson scowled as George grabbed the pocket watch and then strode forward to seize the silver cross. “Looks like you’re stuck with the umbrella, Lesley!” he sneered.

Lesley grasped the umbrella and ran her fingers over the weighty wooden handle. “This was Grandpa’s favorite,” she murmured. “He always said it was perfect for a rainy day.”

George snickered cruelly. “Let’s hope it still works,” he jeered. “Because it’s certainly raining now!” Lesley peered out the window. It was pouring!

“In that case, this umbrella is just what I need,” Lesley declared, striding toward the front door. She flung it open, unfurled the umbrella, and suddenly something fluttered down and became tangled in her hair. Then something else…

Lesley gaped in amazement as a shower of bills spilled out of the folds of the old umbrella. George sneered. “So that was the old man’s rainy day fund?”

Lesley plucked a note from the ground and gasped. “This is a $1000 bill! I’ve never seen one before!”

“What?” Wilson stepped forward, reaching for a bill, but the lawyer halted him.

“The umbrella and its contents belong to your sister,” he said icily. “You and your brother made your choices.”

George seethed. “But there are dozens of $1000 bills! That’s a fortune!”

Lesley scrutinized the bills intently. “These appear to be brand new, as if they were just printed!” she exclaimed.

“Your grandfather and great-grandfather amassed these bills over decades, Lesley, until they were removed from circulation in the late 1960s,” the lawyer explained. “These pristine bills are sought-after collectibles, each valued between $10,000 and $12,000…”

Lesley was floored! Her grandfather had bequeathed her a valuable legacy after all. With the proceeds from selling the bills, she and William paid off their mortgage, bought a new car, and established their own emergency fund.

In the meantime, Lesley’s grandfather’s former home became a refuge, bringing joy to many sad and lonely children. As for Wilson and George, they seethed with anger, alleging that Lesley had swindled them out of their rightful inheritance.

Younger Sister being Mocked by Her Greedy Brothers, When She Only Inherited an Old Umbrella.
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