Expert warns against the horrifying reason you should never tweeze your nostril hair.

Waxing the hair off your arms and legs is common practice, but messing with the hairs inside your nose can be problematic.

There are risks associated with tweezing and waxing nose hairs, and safer alternatives are available.

Health professionals have warned about the dangers of pulling hairs from such a delicate area.

Here’s why nose hairs are important…

I can’t say I’ve given much thought to my nose hairs over the years, but maybe I should.

“The primary role of nose hairs is to trap dust, pollen, and other airborne particles so that the air you breathe is partially filtered,” said Dr. Michael Jacobs, a US-based board-certified dermatologist, in an interview with HuffPost.

He explained that nose hairs act as a barrier to prevent allergens from entering your nasal passages.

Dr. Don J. Beasley, an Idaho-based board-certified otolaryngologist, added, “The nose is a delicate area with numerous blood vessels and mucous membranes.

“When something touches the nostril hairs, such as a small insect or other irritants, it triggers a reflexive sneeze, which is the body’s way of expelling the intruder or irritant.

“Nose hairs also trap moisture from exhaled air, preventing the nasal passages from becoming too dry.

“This moisture helps to humidify the air we breathe, making it more comfortable for our respiratory system.”

Issues with hair tweezing and waxing

Removing nose hair increases your risk of infection, according to Dr. Nicole Aaronson, a Delaware-based board-certified otolaryngologist.

“While waxing doesn’t necessarily weaken the immune system, it does breach the skin barrier by creating openings for bacteria to enter deeper tissues, thus creating the opportunity for infection,” she told the outlet.

“Nose waxing can be an uncomfortable experience, as the delicate nasal passages are sensitive to the pulling sensation, potentially causing temporary pain, redness, and irritation,” added Dr. Don J. Beasley, an Idaho-based board-certified otolaryngologist.

Alternatives to Waxing and Plucking An electric trimmer is considered a safer option as it doesn’t completely remove your nose hairs.

Using rounded scissors is also a better method than waxing or plucking, as they reduce the risk of accidental cuts.

Personally, electric trimmers have been my go-to for many years. They require very little effort or maintenance, which is a top priority for most men.

Expert warns against the horrifying reason you should never tweeze your nostril hair.
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