This girl ate just one piece of bread a day for 5 years – but look at her today.

Many people face challenges with their appearance and weight for various reasons.

Despite movements promoting self-love at any size and the use of more realistic models in advertisements, many individuals around the world continue to struggle with eating disorders daily.

One such individual is Annie Windley from Derbyshire, England, who is sharing her story to support others experiencing eating disorders.

Annie, who is now in recovery after years of undernourishment, hopes her journey can offer hope to others.

At her lowest point, she weighed no more than 29 kg (roughly 63 pounds), which led to numerous medical complications and put her at a high risk of heart attack.

At 21 years old, Annie Windley battled an eating disorder for five years, a struggle she continues to face. Living in Woolley Moor, she endured numerous hospitalizations and medical treatments.

However, Annie found solace in her love of running, which played a significant role in her recovery. She even completed the Chesterfield Half Marathon in October of last year.

In one of her social media posts, she shared, “I realized that rehabilitation is a breathtaking process that should be thrilling, unforgettable, and amazing. I believe that my anorexia will always be a part of me, but I’ve learned to control it and stop obsessing over food.”

Annie emphasizes, “It’s never too late to change for the better.”

Diagnosed in 2012, her recovery began two years later, and in October 2017, she made a firm decision to fight her eating disorder.

“I can’t say exactly what changed, but this time, it was just for myself,” she shared online. “The battle was incredible, with each day marked by excruciating feelings and extraordinary bravery.”

In the last four months, Annie has gained three stone and now weighs more than she has since 2014. Her experiences have taught her that self-treatment and how we treat others matter more than physical appearance.

“These are the things that will make you happy and are crucial to you,” she said.

Respecting others and nurturing her passion for running saved her. Redirecting the energy she once used to restrict her food intake into something fulfilling changed her mindset entirely.

“Pay attention to your enthusiasm and drive to succeed where you wish to go.”

Annie previously subsisted on almost nothing but a piece of bread most days, often feeling faint or collapsing. Now, she is moving towards a healthier weight and mindset regarding her relationship with her body.

“We must show our disorders that we are capable of overcoming them. We don’t want to spend our lives unhappy and full of regret over the things we missed due to anorexia.”

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This girl ate just one piece of bread a day for 5 years – but look at her today.
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