After all the rumors about J-Lo and Ben Affleck’s divorce, Jennifer Garner, 52, decides to act.

When it comes to high-profile relationships, few have garnered as much attention as that of Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo) and Ben Affleck. Recently, their marriage has been the subject of intense speculation and scrutiny.

With rumors swirling about potential troubles, one surprising source of support for J-Lo has emerged: Ben Affleck’s ex-wife, Jennifer Garner.

According to Radar Online, J-Lo and Affleck’s relationship might be on the rocks. Some sources have even hinted at a possible divorce. The rumors gained traction after the couple took a 47-day break from the public eye, leading fans and media alike to wonder about the state of their union.

The situation only became more intriguing when reports surfaced that Affleck had moved out of their family home.

In the midst of these speculations, Jennifer Garner has stepped in as an unexpected ally for J-Lo. Garner, who was married to Affleck from 2005 to 2018, reportedly understands the challenges J-Lo is facing.

Given her past relationship with Affleck, Garner appears to be offering a unique perspective and support to J-Lo during this difficult time.

A source told the Daily Mail: “[Garner] has been through it with the same man herself and although the circumstances were quite different… they both dealt with some of the same issues.”

Garner and Affleck’s marriage lasted from 2005 to 2018. During their time together, they faced various challenges, including Affleck’s struggles with addiction.

Affleck himself admitted in a 2020 New York Times interview that his drinking problems had exacerbated their marital issues.

“People with compulsive behavior, and I am one, have this kind of basic discomfort all the time that they’re trying to make go away,” he said at the time. “You’re trying to make yourself feel better with eating or drinking or sex or gambling or shopping or whatever. But that ends up making your life worse. Then you do more of it to make that discomfort go away. Then the real pain starts.”

“It becomes a vicious cycle you can’t break,” he continued. “That’s at least what happened to me.”

Since her split from Affleck, Garner has moved on romantically and is currently dating businessman John Miller. Despite this, she remains involved in Affleck’s life, particularly as a stabilizing force for J-Lo.

“Jen does not want Ben to pull the plug on this marriage because she really does care about JLo,” the aforementioned insider told the Daily Mail. They added that Garner “did go to his house to talk to him about this and to try and keep the two of them together.”

“JLo was told several times by Jen how valued she is in all their lives,” the source added. “She is one of the only women who can get through to Ben and keep him from jumping off the deep end with his addiction.”

Garner has made several attempts to mediate and help save J-Lo and Affleck’s marriage. According to insiders, Garner has even visited Affleck to talk about the situation and encourage him to work on his relationship with J-Lo.

Recently, Affleck was noticeably absent from the premiere of J-Lo’s new movie, Atlas. This absence fueled further speculation about the state of their relationship, as fans and media questioned what might be happening behind the scenes.

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After all the rumors about J-Lo and Ben Affleck’s divorce, Jennifer Garner, 52, decides to act.
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