Garbage Man Adopts Blind Baby Left by Dumpster, 23 Years Later He Learns About His Special Interest.

Bob has always considered himself a lucky person, he had a wife, named Sarah, and two beautiful daughters, Kara and Christie, who he adored more than anything in the world. The man has been married for 9 years, which is long term, he thought he knew everything about his wife, when one day he received a stab in his back.

Sarah confessed she had a long-term relationship behind his back with another man, and then she decided that she wanted to start a new life, away from him and their daughters.

But the cherry on top of the cake wasn’t even the betrayal itself..

Turned out that his beloved daughters were not his blood, that news shacked the man to the core.

“Do whatever you wan’t. If you want them, you can keep them, their father is dead anyway, but I want to start a new family, so I don’t need any reminders”, Sarah said.

“Why would you do this to me, I thought we’re a family”, Bob asked in shock.

“I was confused, didn’t know what to do with my life. And you were nice and easy to be with. But I never loved you, you are just a regular man who scavenge the dumpsters for a living. How could I be proud of you? I was even ashamed to tell my girlfriends. Now I’ll be with a real man, who can provide me.”

Bob’s world was shattered, for a day he couldn’t even look into his daughters’ eyes. But in the end he came to a conclusion, that he could never give up his girls, and it didn’t matter, that he wasn’t their biological father. The man pulled himself together and went on with his life. After all he had a reason to live and work, kids were a blessing.

Little he knew, life was getting him ready for another surprise. 

One day Bob was about to finish his shift, when he saw a basinet near the dumpster. When the man came closer, he saw that there was a little boy in it. The infant started crying hysterically. Bob could tell he was hungry, and most certainly needed a diaper change.

He looked around, there was not a single soul. He leaned and checked the basinet and found a typed note:  “To whoever finds this blind baby, please take care of him.”

Bob was speechless. He couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact, that someone could throw away a helpless infant with a disability. He picked up the child, at this point the little fella turned red from screaming. He tried to comfort the boy, but the infant continued kicking and screaming.

So Bob decided to take him home. There he bathed him, fed with warm milk. When the bay calmed down, he called child services and described the situation.

Later, the baby boy was taken to the hospital, and his blindness was confirmed. Bob’s heart went out to the helpless little child, and he decided to adopt him. “If I can raise two daughters by myself, I can certainly raise him too,” he thought.

It took some time and effort, but in 6 month Bob officially was the father of the child. “Now you got a little brother, girls”, told he to his daughters. Luckily they were happy to welcome a new addition to their family.

“We will help you raise him, Daddy, don’t worry!”, said Kara, she was the elder.

But of course it was challenging, there were times, when Bob thought, if he made a right decision. Sam (that’s how the boy was named) needed a special care due to his blindness, and often that meant extra costs. But Bob continued to do the right thing, plus, he grew to love the boy as his own.

Seven years had passed when Bob discovered the boy had a special interest.

Bob noticed that Sam was very fond of his bed time stories, he was ready to listen to them again and again. He also had a curious mind, and a will to learn, so the man decided that he must help him to learn to read.

On his seventh birthday, Bob gifted Sam a book. “What is this, daddy?” Sam asked. “It feels so strange to touch.”

“It’s a Braille book. You must feel the raised dots and slowly follow them with your fingers. They will help you read and learn,” replied Bob, who patiently trained Sam to use the book in the weeks that came.

When Sam started reading, he began to learn very quickly. Books were the only present he asked for any holiday. So Bob was trying to buy him new Braille books every two month. The were quite pricy, but Bob cut down on some personal expenses, so that his son could have all he wanted.

In twenty years Sam turned into a young intelligent man, who had a head for business. He obviously could read and write fluently by then, and came up with the idea of a publishing house for blind people. With the help of his father he managed to get a loan from the bank to get the essential equipment and started to work.

With the hard work of the whole family, the business picked up and made a good profit. That changed life for Bob and his kids.

They managed to buy a big spacious house, which was comfortably furnished. Bob started spending more time in the garden, as he always dreamed about. The girls were also happy, they were pursuing their dream about becoming eye doctors.

Despite not being Bob’s biological son, Sam made him proud in every way possible. Bob decided to tell the truth to his son, when raising him, so Bob knew from infancy that he was adopted, but he always treated Bob like his real father. “My biological parents are not really my parents, they are just some random people who brought me to the world and then dumped me. Bob is my father and will always be. I’m proud to be his son!”, he said.


Garbage Man Adopts Blind Baby Left by Dumpster, 23 Years Later He Learns About His Special Interest.
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