After canceling her tour, Jennifer Lopez has made a huge decision about Ben Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

Regular readers are likely well-acquainted with the ongoing developments concerning “Bennifer.” The drama continues to escalate with no sign of abating. Last week, Jennifer Lopez postponed all her dates for the upcoming “This Is Me… Now” tour to spend more time with her family, signaling potential issues.

Ben Affleck, on the other hand, has relocated from their Beverly Hills home, and various sources indicate his dissatisfaction with the current situation.

Rumors surfaced last week that Affleck might be feeling the absence of Lopez during their time apart. However, their recent reunion at Affleck’s son’s basketball game showed a distinct lack of public affection.

This week, Radar Online revealed more details about the ongoing turmoil… and this time Jennifer Garner was involved…

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly unhappy with Ben Affleck meeting his ex-wife amidst his current marital difficulties.

According to Radar Online, Lopez even warned Jennifer Garner to keep her distance recently.

Although Affleck and Garner divorced in 2015, they have maintained a strong and supportive relationship. It is believed that this connection has prompted Garner to assist her ex-husband during his current troubles.

Despite her good intentions, sources cited by Radar Online claim that Jennifer Lopez has openly opposed Garner’s involvement.

“Everyone is aware that Ben and Jen have remained very close post-divorce. He shares everything with Jen, including his issues with J Lo,” an insider reportedly shared with Life & Style.

“J Lo dislikes that Ben turns to his down-to-earth, sensible ex-wife for advice and emotional support. She does not appreciate Jen’s involvement.”

The source elaborated: “J Lo didn’t explicitly tell Jen to back off — both women are familiar with this situation and understand their boundaries — but she made it clear to Ben that his ex should distance herself from their personal issues. Ben then conveyed this to Jen.”

Reports suggest that Garner is concerned about Affleck potentially reverting to harmful behaviors like substance abuse and gambling. According to Radar, she views her support as crucial for his well-being, regardless of J-Lo’s opinions.

“Jen can’t just watch and do nothing. It’s not who she is,” the insider mentioned.

“She’s putting aside her own commitments to ensure Ben doesn’t relapse. Ultimately, he remains the father of their children, and she’ll assist him in any way possible.”

Although neither Ben Affleck nor Jennifer Lopez has officially commented on their marriage, signs indicate potential difficulties.

What do you think? Can Affleck and Lopez overcome these challenges? Share your thoughts in the comments.

After canceling her tour, Jennifer Lopez has made a huge decision about Ben Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner.
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