Angelina Jolie has broken her silence with an extreme allegation against Brad Pitt – He is attempting to “bleed me dry”.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might not cross paths daily anymore, but they continue to be intertwined in each other’s lives, albeit mostly through the legal conflicts that have arisen since their marriage ended.

For those who follow either of these A-list celebrities, you’re likely aware of their ongoing legal tussle regarding the sale of a French winery they jointly acquired some years ago.

Recently, documents filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court unveiled some startling allegations put forth by Jolie, the star of Tomb Raider…

Prior to the well-known airplane incident that marked the beginning of their divorce proceedings, Angelina Jolie alleged that Brad Pitt had been physically abusive towards her.

In 2022, Pitt sued Jolie and her former company Nouvel for selling her share of the winery, claiming they had agreed not to sell without mutual approval, potentially harming the business’s reputation he had diligently built.

Jolie retaliated by asserting in court documents that Pitt had been physically abusive during a 2016 plane journey from France to California. She accused him of grabbing her by the head and also being physically abusive towards two of their children.

New reports based on recent filings from Jolie’s legal team suggest that the physical abuse from Pitt began earlier than previously thought. According to CNN, these documents state that Pitt’s history of physical abuse towards Jolie started before the 2016 plane trip and extended to the children during that flight, prompting Jolie to leave him.

Pitt maintains his innocence, but now faces another allegation from Jolie, who accuses him of trying to “bleed her dry”.

In newly filed court documents published by the Daily Mail, Jolie claims: “It is extremely painful for Jolie to have to defend herself from Pitt’s lawsuit – itself another example of Pitt’s unrelenting efforts to control and financially drain her – especially because Pitt’s false allegations as to the reasons the Miraval deal cratered can only proven by doing exactly what Jolie never wanted to do: Provide to the trier of fact the reason the Miraval deal failed, which was Pitt’s demand for an NDA to cover up his history of physical and emotional abuse of Jolie and their family.”

According to a source, Jolie claims Pitt is financially draining her, while Pitt’s camp suggests she’s vindictive and he has been supportive despite her actions.

Following Jolie’s recent filing alleging abuse, a source close to Pitt stated that such actions are a pattern to distract from unfavorable decisions, citing a custody trial where Pitt was granted 50/50 custody after all evidence was heard.



Angelina Jolie has broken her silence with an extreme allegation against Brad Pitt – He is attempting to “bleed me dry”.
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