Baby Born with a White Strand of Hair is Already 2 Years Old. Just Look at Her Now.

Instagram serves as a platform for numerous regular individuals to achieve fame. Among the endearing young talents, there is Maya – also known as Baby Cruella.

Maya, a small child, was born with a distinctive white streak amidst her dark hair. Within the realm of social media, she has gained recognition as Baby Cruella due to her striking resemblance to the renowned Disney cartoon character.

This year marked Maya’s second birthday, and she delighted everyone by participating in a photo shoot inspired by the 101 Dalmatians cartoon.

Following a tranquil pregnancy, Talita, Maya’s mother, gave birth to a little girl who quickly garnered attention at the hospital of her birth.

This was primarily due to the presence of a white strand amidst the girl’s dark hair, which was not unexpected as her family carries a gene responsible for altering hair and skin color.

Many people on the internet found this distinctive trait in Maya’s appearance amusing.

After Talita shared a video of her baby on social media, the response was overwhelmingly positive, prompting the mother to conceive the idea of a photo shoot featuring Maya dressed as Cruella De Vil.

Thus, even before she could walk or talk, the girl attained popularity, showcasing the boundless potential of social media in our era.

“The video of Maya that I shared on social media became such a sensation that I couldn’t resist sharing more pictures of my daughter in the future! It gained immense popularity in Latin America, and soon enough, I started receiving requests from France and Morocco, seeking permission to publish images of Maya. It was incredible! I’m already contemplating which character Maya could transform into next,” Talita exclaimed.

The photographs showcase Maya adorned in a fur coat resembling Cruella’s iconic attire. She also sported a pair of vibrant red gloves. In one of the captivating images, a Dalmatian dog stood by her side.

Isn’t this little girl simply astounding? This young model has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people, and she shows no signs of slowing down.

It’s astonishing how effortlessly the ambiance of the renowned cartoon is captured in these images.

In some of the photos, Maya even posed alongside her mother, who embraced the daring persona. “People loved our concept!” Talita shared with pride.

The woman is immensely proud of her daughter’s accomplishments and is already envisioning a bright future ahead for her.

Baby Born with a White Strand of Hair is Already 2 Years Old. Just Look at Her Now.
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