Couple claims restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then discloses the truth.

Dining out can be a stress-inducing ordeal for many parents.

Often, the challenge lies in managing the behavior of their children in public settings, which can turn a pleasant meal into a chaotic experience for everyone involved.

This couple struggled similarly, and they claim to have been ‘fined’ for it. Keep reading to know more.

Recently, a restaurant in North Georgia, the Toccoa Riverside Restaurant outside of Blue Ridge, made headlines by implementing an unexpected policy: charging patrons for what they deemed as ‘poor parenting.’

This move has sparked a heated debate online, raising questions about the fairness of holding parents financially accountable for their children’s behavior.

One customer’s experience at the restaurant, shared on Reddit, shed light on the controversial policy.

The customer recounted how the owner approached them, stating that an additional $50 would be added to their bill due to their children’s behavior.

Understandably, the customer expressed disappointment at the unexpected charge, reflecting a common sentiment among parents faced with similar situations.

Upon investigation by a reporter, the restaurant owner, Tim Richter, clarified the rationale behind the surcharge.

Richter admitted to implementing a surcharge during the COVID-19 pandemic to cover increased operational costs. However, he emphasized that they had never enforced the surcharge until encountering a family with nine unruly children a few weeks prior.

Despite issuing a warning, Richter claimed that no family had been charged the additional fee.

Richter defended the policy, stating a simple principle: “We want parents to be parents.” The restaurant, known for its serene location along the Toccoa River, aims to maintain a peaceful dining atmosphere. With cars lining the roadside during peak meal times, the establishment prioritizes an enjoyable experience for all patrons.

Laura Spillman, a visitor from Florida, expressed disbelief upon hearing the policy.

“This is outrageous,” she exclaimed. “Seriously? I disagree with it because children are adorable.”

Anne Cox, enjoying lunch with her family, suggested that the fee might prompt parents to better manage their children’s behavior.

“Parents should instill proper etiquette in their kids,” she remarked. “They ought to teach them manners. We share this world with others, so they should have fun in the appropriate setting.”

Federico Gambineri, dining with his toddler, expressed surprise at the policy.

“I’ve never encountered this before,” he noted. “With a 20-month-old who may not always behave perfectly in a restaurant, I hope I won’t be subject to it. If I were, I’d be very displeased and likely wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.”

Jack Schneider, a regular patron, admitted he was unfamiliar with the surcharge.

“I have conflicting feelings about it,” Schneider admitted. “However, we’ve all been seated near tables where you think, ‘Hey, do something about that kid.’ So I believe it ultimately falls on the parents.”

Couple claims restaurant fined them for ‘poor parenting’ – the restaurant owner then discloses the truth.
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