Mother faces backlash for the way she was treating her baby at the airport before the flight.

Parenting is undeniably challenging, and those who claim otherwise either lack firsthand experience or romanticize the past. There is no definitive guide on how to be an exemplary parent, how to navigate specific situations, or how to handle unruly behavior and boundary-testing from children.

This ambiguity surrounding parenting often leads to heated debates on the internet, where forums dedicated to discussing child-rearing have become increasingly prevalent.

Recently, one mother found herself embroiled in a contentious controversy after a video surfaced on TikTok in 2019. The footage depicted her using a harness attached to her toddler’s chest to pull him through an airport. This incident ignited a fervent discussion among online communities, further fueling the ongoing disagreements on parenting methods.

If you’re a parent, it’s likely that you’ve encountered situations where your patience has been tested by your children. Each of us has our own approach to handling such moments, but it’s unrealistic to claim that we always handle them perfectly. We do what we believe is best, and for the most part, it’s not anyone else’s place to judge.

However, one mother’s actions crossed a line in the eyes of some observers when she was filmed dragging her child through an airport using a leash. The incident, captured by TikToker @cacadoodledoo83 (Erica Shupe Hall), ignited a passionate debate upon uploading the video titled “Leaving Cancun is tough…I feel ya, buddy.”

The video quickly went viral, attracting an astonishing number of views and generating an overwhelming amount of divergent remarks.

In the footage, the mother appeared to be attempting to persuade her child to accompany her. However, when the boy adamantly refused and opted to lie down on the floor instead, she resorted to pulling him across the carpet using a leash connected to a harness wrapped around his body.

As expected, the comment section became a battleground of contrasting opinions.

Delicia, a commenter, expressed her perspective by stating, “Considering my OCD, I couldn’t bear to drag my child on that dirty floor. I would rather lift him up, but I understand that everyone has their own approach.”

Among the myriad of comments, JennyLisg voiced a strong opinion, condemning the mother by saying, “That’s child abuse. Such a terrible parent.”

Another commenter shared their alternative approach, stating, “Personally, I would opt to carry my child in such a situation rather than drag them on that filthy floor.”

Expressing a distinct viewpoint, a fourth individual commented, “In my opinion, there’s a clear distinction between using a harness to ensure your child’s safety and forcefully dragging them on the ground. I wouldn’t subject my dog to such treatment, and I certainly wouldn’t subject my child to it.”

While many individuals expressed disapproval of the mother’s actions, there were also those who came to her defense. Sophia, for instance, humorously commented, “Lmao! Do what you gotta do, momma.”

Another person acknowledged the imperfection of parenting, stating, “I’m not saying it’s right… I’m saying I understand! Show me a perfect parent who has never made a judgment error or hasn’t done whatever it takes to survive the day.”

Shimona Jade Kennett shared her perspective, saying, “I don’t see any issue with this. Although she could have carried him, he appears to be fine being pulled along. If the child were genuinely distressed, he would have caused a scene.”

A fourth individual shared their personal experience, stating, “I used a harness and leash for my five kids. They never got lost or injured. They were safe and enjoyed the freedom of not having to hold my hand. I don’t recall ever having to drag them like this, but I can understand how it could happen.”

Watch the video below:

@cacadoodledoo83Leaving Cancun is tough … I feel ya buddy!♬ Manic Monday – The Bangles

The use of leashes and harnesses tends to be a topic that divides parents’ opinions. However, it cannot be denied that they serve as an effective method of ensuring a child’s safety and minimizing the risk of separation.

What are your thoughts on harnesses? Do you believe the mother in this situation acted wrongly? We invite you to share your perspectives in the comments section.

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Mother faces backlash for the way she was treating her baby at the airport before the flight.
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