Playground “fun” leaves 11-year-old boy “alien-faced” – mom decides to warn other parents.

Children often engage in risky behaviors under the influence of peer pressure, sometimes leading to severe consequences.

The story of 11-year-old Tyler Broome, who suffered severe injuries from a dangerous playground stunt, highlights the risks associated with such activities.

Tyler’s experience involved participating in a perilous stunt known as ‘the roundabout of death’.

Tyler with his mother

This reckless game, often propelled by the thrill of danger and the desire to impress peers, involves sitting on a playground roundabout while it’s spun at high speeds using a motorcycle’s rear wheel. The resultant extreme gravitational force (G-force) can lead to severe injuries, akin to those faced by fighter pilots and astronauts.

The Incident

The incident sheds light on the powerful influence of peer pressure, especially among young children. Tyler was at a local park with a friend when approached by older teenagers who dared them into the game.

The Aftermath

For Tyler, the outcome was dire. Found unconscious near the roundabout, he suffered injuries that left him with potential brain and vision damage.

Medical Response

The severity of these injuries was such that medical staff, upon first encountering Tyler’s condition, were taken aback and had to conduct research before commencing treatment. Tyler’s mother, Dawn, described her son’s injuries in harrowing detail, likening his appearance to ‘the Elephant Man’ and expressing her shock at the extent of the physical transformation.

Her words, “I don’t recognize my child,” resonate with the profound anxiety that grips parents when their child’s safety is compromised.

“His head has completely swelled up, his blood vessels have burst, his eyes look alien. His vision is blurry. You can manage a broken arm but this? He doesn’t remember it, he doesn’t remember the detail.”

In a broader sense, this story highlights the role of the community and society in ensuring the safety of its younger members. It calls attention to the importance of addressing issues like bullying and the responsibility of adults to intervene in dangerous situations involving children. It also emphasizes the need for increased awareness and education

Our thoughts and prayers go out to young Tyler and his family. Share this story to spread the warning over an incredibly dangerous game.



Playground “fun” leaves 11-year-old boy “alien-faced” – mom decides to warn other parents.
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