If you spot a teenager carrying a bottle of nutmeg, you had better know what it could mean.

In recent news, a concerned mother took to TikTok to warn fellow parents about a dangerous trend among teenagers involving a common kitchen spice.

On March 11, a TikTok user known as Lakeview Living shared a video addressing parents and teenagers about a concerning trend she had encountered.

During a conversation with a teacher friend, she discovered that some students were carrying bottles of nutmeg in their backpacks.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that these students were attempting to use nutmeg as a substance to get high.

Nutmeg, typically used as a flavoring agent in both sweet and savory dishes, contains a compound called myristicin.

When consumed in large quantities, nutmeg can induce a “high” similar to that of hallucinogenic drugs.

People experiencing nutmeg intoxication may display symptoms such as drowsiness and hallucinations.

However, nutmeg poisoning can be hazardous and potentially fatal if ingested in excessive amounts.

Interestingly, the use of nutmeg for its psychoactive properties is not a new phenomenon.

Centuries ago, nutmeg seeds were utilized for various medicinal purposes, including as an aphrodisiac and a narcotic.

Even today, nutmeg is used in traditional medicine for treating ailments such as nausea and anxiety.

Social Media Response

Following the viral video, many social media users expressed their concern and shared their own experiences with nutmeg intoxication.

Some users recounted instances from their past where nutmeg sniffing was prevalent, even dating back to their own school days.

Parents especially expressed gratitude towards teachers for their vigilance in monitoring such behaviors among students.

The incident serves as a reminder for parents to remain vigilant about the substances their children may encounter, even those seemingly innocuous ones found in the kitchen cupboard.

By spreading awareness about the dangers of nutmeg intoxication, we can work towards ensuring the safety of our youth.


If you spot a teenager carrying a bottle of nutmeg, you had better know what it could mean.
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