Pregnant mother takes stunning photo — but guess who makes an appearance to the side?

For soon-to-be parents, snapping photos of the mother’s growing baby bump and chronicling the pregnancy journey is an excellent method to immortalize the happiness and anticipation of embarking on parenthood.

Throughout their lifetime, the couple can revisit their maternity snapshots, reminiscing about the moments leading up to the arrival of their cherished little one.

Though every pregnant woman’s pictures possess their unique charm, some undoubtedly stand out, etching themselves into memory more indelibly than others…

Dan Mozer, a 30-year-old soon-to-be dad, proposed a trip to the nearby Atlantic Beach in Jacksonville, Florida, to his wife. The beach, a favorite among locals, is renowned for its serene ambiance, perfect for leisurely walks and picturesque moments.

As they strolled along the shore, Dan felt a surge of inspiration and suggested capturing some moments with the ocean as their backdrop. Seizing the opportunity, he grabbed his camera and started snapping away.

With a radiant smile adorning her face, Angelina proudly displayed her baby bump against the backdrop of the rolling waves.

Little did Dan know, he had just captured a moment that would be cherished for a lifetime…

What unexpectedly appeared behind Angelina at the perfect moment?

A dolphin leaped out of the water just as Dan clicked the picture!

Although Dan was aware of the dolphins in the area, witnessing one jump in the background of a photo featuring his pregnant wife was beyond his expectations.

“When I captured it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Unfortunately, she completely missed it,” Dan shared with AWM.

Dan and Angelina humorously attribute their son, Courtland, born on January 27th, to the magical moment. They playfully joke that Courtland summoned the dolphin from his mother’s belly.

Dan elaborated to Yahoo on the incredible occurrence: “Someone alerted us about the dolphins, and we spotted their dorsal fins. Suddenly, this creature leapt out of the water.”

Perhaps the dolphin sensed the significance of the moment?

“The dolphin actually jumped twice, but I preferred the first leap in the picture,” Dan revealed.

Despite Courtland’s apparent connection with dolphins, Angelina and Dan have no plans to rename him. Dan confirmed, “No, we’re not considering renaming him, despite some suggestions like Dolph Finn.”

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Pregnant mother takes stunning photo — but guess who makes an appearance to the side?
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