A 24-year-old woman from Bulgaria aims to achieve the world’s largest lips.

Everyone possesses a unique beauty, contributing to the diverse and vibrant tapestry of our world. Yet, many struggle with dissatisfaction over their appearance, influenced by the unrealistic standards perpetuated by the fashion industry and media. This relentless pursuit of perfection casts perceived flaws in a negative light, leading individuals to resort to drastic measures such as heavy makeup, injections, and even cosmetic surgery.

While some opt for subtle enhancements, others undergo extreme transformations.

Among them is 24-year-old Andrea Ivanova, whose fixation lies in augmenting her lips. Through repeated hyaluronic acid injections, she has achieved an extraordinary size.

Her ambition? To possess the largest lips in the world—an aspiration she claims is soon to be realized.

Keep reading to see, what she looked like before she started her change…

Andrea is from Sofia, the biggest city in Bulgaria. She’s been doing lots of expensive and risky things to change her appearance.

Now, she’s had 27 procedures done, and her lips are four times bigger than before, according to Unilad.

“I really like them, and I feel a lot better,” Andrea said to Jam Press.

Spent about $5,000

Her odd lifestyle is not free.

Each injection in Bulgaria costs around $150, and according to Malay Mail, Andrea has spent about $5,000 on making her lips bigger. Despite studying German language and literature at a university in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, she still wants larger lips, even though doctors advise against more injections.

Why does she want even bigger lips? Because Andrea wants to have the biggest lips in the world. Although she doesn’t have the official world record yet, she believes her lips are already the biggest.

“Many men from around the world message me on social media, offering me money, trips, and inviting me to meet them,” she says.

Some of her followers, who seem to know a lot about this, also say that no one else has lips as big as this 22-year-old’s.


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Trouble eating after the procedures

She thinks her lips look “lovely” and she’s planning to have more procedures done.

“Some doctors say I’ve had enough, but my doctor will give me more injections if I wait at least two months,” she says, as reported on the site.

Because of the lip injections, Andrea has to give up some things.

“I really like my new lips, but eating was hard right after the injection. It gets even tougher for two to three days after the procedure. But I can still eat anything I want,” she explains.


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Pays no attention to lips haters

Andrea’s appearance may draw attention, but ultimately, it’s her body and her choice. Despite facing a lot of negativity online, she mostly tries to brush it off.

“I believe everyone should look however they want.”

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A 24-year-old woman from Bulgaria aims to achieve the world’s largest lips.
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