Queen Camilla, aged 76, faced harsh criticism, labeled as “sloppy” for her appearance at a recent royal event.

The public eye is a relentless observer, especially when it comes to the Royal Family. Every choice, every gesture, and every article of clothing worn by a royal figure undergoes intense scrutiny and analysis.

Queen Camilla, the wife of King Charles, is no stranger to this phenomenon. Despite the initial controversy surrounding her marriage to Charles, she has gradually gained acceptance among the British public.

However, even she is not immune to criticism, as demonstrated by the recent backlash over her attire at the Order of the British Empire ceremony in London.

Queen Camilla and King Charles attended the ceremony, a significant event that honors individuals for their outstanding contributions to various fields.

Like other senior royals, they dressed in traditional garb, which naturally caught the attention of onlookers.

However, it was Queen Camilla’s choice of attire underneath her red silken dress robe that sparked conversation.

Social media erupted with comments questioning the appropriateness of her floral-patterned dress, with some likening it to a “house dress.”

A comparison between Queen Camilla and the late Queen Elizabeth II, both wearing the same red dress robe, further fueled the debate.

Critics lamented the perceived lack of regality in Camilla’s attire, contrasting it with the iconic elegance of Queen Elizabeth II.

“Why is Camilla wearing a house dress under that cape?” one person wrote on X.

Another added: “Does Camilla just throw a robe over her house dress?”

“The differences couldn’t be more stark, & the standards more far apart. 😣😭,” quipped a third.

A fourth opined: “I’m in the US and for what it’s worth, I think the Queen was just such a monumental figure and impossible to live up to. She always looked so regal wearing these types of traditional dress. Charles and Camilla look sloppy and far from regal.”

Hitting out at the costumes Charles and Camilla were wearing, a fifth person wrote: “These traditional events are bad enough but to do it in those stodgy old costumes is nuts. Why can’t they wear modern versions […] They look like crazy people in these costumes. Diana would have modernized it.”


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Lately, Queen Camilla has seen a significant increase in her responsibilities and significance, particularly due to the cancer diagnoses affecting both her husband, King Charles, and Kate Middleton.

With Charles and Kate needing to prioritize their treatments, they have withdrawn somewhat from the public eye, prompting other members of the Royal Family to step up.

Prince William has been balancing his royal duties with supporting his wife, leaving much of the weight on Camilla’s shoulders.

What are your thoughts on Camilla’s attire? Share in the comments below.

Queen Camilla, aged 76, faced harsh criticism, labeled as “sloppy” for her appearance at a recent royal event.
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